Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Products of the Month


So I'm going to start doing a "Monthly favourites" feature where I review my 5 (maybe more) favourite products of the month! This post is what I wrote for last month (April) but never got round to posting!!

·                Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
I love love LOVE this stuff!! I have had trouble growing my nails ever since I got acrylics done on my nails. They just stopped growing I could never get them past the end of my finger! After using this for 3 weeks my nails were so long and looked beautifully healthy! I just used it as a bottom coat everytime I change my nail polish (every couple of days).

 Before: They were short and unhealthy looking without polish on! And on the odd occasin that they did grow over the tips of my fingers they broke with the slightest little hit or tap!!
After: They are long, tough and really healthy looking without polish on! It takes a lot to break my nails now!! (although if you trap your finger in a car door they will still break =_= )

  Soap&Glory Rich and Foamous body wash
This just smells heavenly!!! Made with almond and honey milks it smells like fresh baking!! Not only that but due to the large size of bottle it lasts you months!! I got mine as a christmas present and I’m not finished it yet!! Although I don’t use it every time I take a shower.

·       Lily-Flame Candles
I have a few of these but the one pictured is my favourite! It smells so strongly of parma violets that even with just taking the lid off you’re transported back to your childhood!! All of they’re candles have the most magical smells! Definitely worth checking out!!! ( www.lily-flame.co.uk )

·       Batiste Dry Shampoo
This stuff is an absolute godsend!!! If you sleep in or suddenly change your mind about going out on that work night out and you don’t have time to shower this dry shampoo is perfect!! It comes in so many different smells and even has ones dedicated to different hair colours!!! My favourite is the lace one, it just smells gorgeous!

·       Pearl Drops Toothpaste
I have fallen in love with this toothpaste, I use the Hollywood Smile one and my boyfriend uses the Tea & Coffee one. We both noticed a small difference within the first week (with the help of a colour chart that comes on the side of the Hollywood smiles box) and after the 3 weeks you can really see the difference!! My only complaint with it is that you don’t get that fresh feeling you get with really minty toothpastes but that’s just a personal thing and it can be fixed with some mouthwash! (Sorry I don't have a before and after pic for you, I forgot to take one before I started using this, I just finished the tube though so I might wait a few weeks, use a different toothpaste then go back to it and start again)

So those are my favourite products for April I'll be putting up another one for May at the end of the month (which btw is like Saturday!!! Can't believe how fast this year is going!!!!) so look out for that!!

ALSO I know I said i'd put a nail haul up for you guys yesterday but I had a slight falling out with my mac since the charger broke on me AGAIN (2nd time in the past 6 months) so I just wasn't in the mood to do anything tbh!!! I'm so sorry but I promise I will get that sorted and up on here ASAP!!

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