Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nail Polish Haul

Hi Guys!!!!! First off, I am so so sooooo sorry this has taken an eternity to get finished and posted! I think i've said a couple of times about it being posted soon and it's never happened!!!! This is mainly due to the fact that in the past few weeks i've been finishing up with college and starting my Summer job, so when I wasn't in college working or at work I was either sleeping or doing more work for college!!!!! BUT!!! I'm now finished college and I passed everything (Yaaay!!) which hopefully means I'm going back next year to do my HNC :D Well....I think thats everything so heres the long awaited nail polish haul! :P

So about a month ago now I went into town and decided i'd buy some nail polish! I spent a LOT more than I wanted to but it was worth it because the colours I got were gorgeous!!!!

I got:

  • Miss Sporty - Disco Tech Top Coat (By accident!!! I thought it was a normal top coat but it glows under UV light)
  • George at ASDA - Aquarium
  • No7 - Daisy Darling (Great Gatsby inspired range)
  • Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia 
  • Revlon - Girly
  • Revlon, Moon Candy - Satellite   

Revlon - Girly

 I love love love this, it's absolutely gorgeous on! This is it on top of Miss Sporty Hip-Hop, This is just 1 coat and you can't really see any of the Hip-Hop colour because the base of Girly covered it up. I love how easy the sparkles come out, you don't need to dab them on or anything! The sparkles have such lovely colours too! Light pink, Hot pink/purple and blue. Plus it looks so summery on the nails!

 Revlon Moon Candy - Satellite 

I'm not completely sold on this to be honest....I don't really know why, I think it's because the deep red is a bit watery, it went on quite streaky. Although it looked slightly better with the pink sparkles on top. The red colour is very watery and reminds me of a polish I had when I was younger called 'Dragon Blood'. It's deep colour makes me think of winter, too dark for summer. The sparkles are flakes and difficult to work with, you definitely have to dab them on. First impression isn't good at all!

    George at ASDA - Aquarium                                                                   No7 - Daisy Darling

I haven't actually used Daisy Darling on it's own yet but I like this pairing so I'm using this photo. The colour from George at ASDA (Britain's version of Walmart) has become one of my favourites, the name Aquarium fits it perfectly!!! It reminds me of Ariels tail, and anyone who knows me knows that i ADORE The Little Mermaid!!!! Mixed with Daisy Darling by No7 I think it looks stunning!! Anyway... Aquamarine is gorgeous, The sparkles really pop and because of the consistency it doesn't need any encouragement to go on, in this picture I have 3 coats on. This is the only bad side of this polish, to make it cover the whole nail completely you need 3 coats but it dries very well. The Daisy Darling polish is part of No7's Great Gatsby collection. It is a mixture of large pink hexagon sparkles with tiny little pink sparkles all mixed in to a clear base. I think I put 2/3 coats on in this swatch. You have to dab and place the big sparkles a little bit but not too much that it's annoying, although if you were in a rush it wouldn't be great.

Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia

First of all sorry for the terrible photo, I forgot to get a decent photo of the swatch!!! I'm so sorry! This polish is not my favourite polish tbh. It's way to watery to work with and even with 2 coats it didn't look anywhere near as nice as it did in the bottle, Although I didn't have it on for long and didn't have the chance to look at it in natural light properly so my opinion might change, It's not a really summery colour anyway so i may not retry it until Autumn. In the bottle as you can see the polish looks really purple-y with loads of purple shimmer through it that is highlighted when it catches the light. I actually thought the base of the polish was purple when I picked this up, it wasn't until i looked closer that I realised it was black. I decided to go for it because I don't have any black polishes and thought it would be a nice change. I'm going to try it again at some point I'll let you all know how it goes!!

I hope this was helpful to you all, it's my first proper haul post so I'm not really sure what to say lol!! I'll be doing another one soon though since Boots (a drugstore here in Britain) now sells Sinful Colours!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched so many American beauty guru's on youtube talk about Sinful Colours and recently i've been looking to buy some from America but now it's available over here!!!! Naturally I went a little bit crazy when buying colours :P But the price is cheap so I didn't even spend that much!!

So, look out for my next haul post and any other posts i'll be putting up soon :)

take care,


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