Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lush Haul!

I absolutely adore Lush. Everything about it, the smell, the products and the workers. But I try to only allow myself to go a christmas (which admittedly doesn't always work) because I always over spend!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to pop in a stock up on some of their christmas products. Theres a lot to go through to lets jump right in!

When i first went in i was looking to try a shampoo and a conditioner. My hair is very difficult to work with, it's thick and heavy, it gets really greasy quite quickly at the roots but at the ends, because of bleaching in the past, its totally dry and feels like straw! Its also coloured to i need something that helps keep colour lasting as long as possible!! 
Once i'd listed my demands to the lovely Lush girl she suggested I tried these 2 products.
Blousey is a banana shampoo that doesn't lather but helps put moisture into your hair. The reason it doesn't lather is because the lathering product in shampoos is what pulls the colour out of hair. It was a bit weird to get used to at first but after a couple of washes i had it worked out and i think i've now fallen in love with this shampoo! I haven't noticed a difference in how long my hair stays clean and non greasy for but the colour has stayed in for longer than i expected! Theres only one thing i don't like about this and thats the smell while it's in the tub, it apparently smells of banana, cloves, star anise and pimento berry. In the tub i really don't like it! But once it's on the hair i really like the scent thats left!
American Cream is a lanolin based conditioner with honey, strawberries and fresh orange juice in. The lanolin is supposed to help make you're hair soft and not tangly. Im really quite disappointed with this! I was hoping it would work wonders on my dry, straw like and easily tangled ends but on it's own it works for one day but on the second day my ends are horribly dry, tangled and looks really dull! Ive been using this after i use my Dove Intensive Repair conditioner (this stuff is a miracle in a bottle! Definitely check it out! It makes my ends feel absolutely amazing!) purely because this stuff makes my hair smell a-maz-ing!!! Even though, i won't be repurchasing this.

If you're a regular Lush customer and you don't know what Snow Fairy is you must of been living under a rock. Every year Lush bring this little bottle of heaven out. It smells of candy floss and pear drops and has shimmer through it! I love it so much but managed to restrain myself to one little 100g bottle (i'm planning on going back for more!!!). I actually use this sometimes in a bath to create bubbles not just as a shower gel because it makes my skin feel so soft and smell delicious!!

Next up is the bath bombs and bubble bars. The first 2 are ones i've used. The rest i'm saving for December (which i think i might just make!)

 I think this little guy was the very first bubble bar i picked up. He is The Christmas Penguin. How adorable?! He smells pretty awesome too! The scent is based on Lush's Olive Branch shower gel, it smells of orange flower and sicilian mandarin oil which make the bath smell so relaxing! I tend to hold bubble bars directly under the tap and let it crumble into the bath this gives you huge amounts of bubbles!

Look at this little cutie?! Although mine seems to be missing his nose and an eye! His name is The Melting Snowman. I think he looks rather sad but boy does he make your bath smell amazing, cinnamon, lime and sweet orange are just a few of the warm christmassy scents that make up this little bubble bar! He's made up of bicarbonate soda to soften the water and cocoa and shea butters help to soften your skin.

 The last of the bubble bars is this pretty thing. Now, if you know me you will automatically know exactly why i had to have this! 1. Its sparkly 2. Its pretty 3. It's a WAND for crying out loud!!! Plus, it's Snow Fairy on a stick! Swirl this around your bath a couple of times and then put it away somewhere safe to reuse in another bath! Because it's snow fairy it makes your bath smell like candy floss and pear drops and makes your skin feel silky soft!

This is Golden Wonder. As you can see it's shaped like a present, as you can't see too well in this picture it is covered in gold glitter that the minute you touch it your fingers are caked in! So, this little present may look kind of boring on the outside but as with a lot of gifts, the inside is a lot more exciting! If you shake this you can hear the contents rattle and apparently when you drop it into the bath it turns the water a magical rainbow of colours. It smells of champagne cocktails which in my mind makes it sound like something you should maybe only use on a special occasion? We'll see if i an resist the temptation to make a boring saturday night feel a little bit more exciting...

When i picked this up the colours and pictures on this were a lot clearer. It seems to have started disintegrating a little bit in the bag but i don't think that will effect it's use too much! Shoot for the Stars is a very fitting name and this is another one i'm quite excited to use! It smells of honey-toffee and is based on Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap. When you drop this into your bath it's supposed to make the water turn into a swirling mixture of colours that remind you of the night sky. 

Last but not least i picked this cute little grotto up. It's called Secret Santa which is actually probably the main reason i picked it up….inside there's supposed to be a little red santa that appears when you tap this on the side of a bath. I've read mixed reviews on whether or not there is actually a red santa inside so i decided to see for myself! (i'll keep you posted!) Luckily this smells gorgeous! It represents that smell you are hit with as you walk in, or past, a Lush store. The mixture of rich smelling essential oils. Even while this sits in it's bag it has made my whole room smell of a Lush store and i love it! 

So thats everything from my trip to Lush this time around, I will probably be back before christmas to stock up on a few things (cough-snow fairy-cough) but unless i get a lot of new things i probably won't do a post on it….or maybe i will…hmm we'll see!

I hope you're all having a lovely start to this week as we officially start the count down to December! Keep your eyes peeled for a small christmas gift guide that i'm aiming to put up before the 1st!

Has anyone started there Christmas shopping yet? I keep trying to but for some reason this year i just can't get into the mind set! Oh well, i'm hoping to get up to Glasgow to see the christmas market over the weekend so maybe that'll help get me in the mood! That and the wonderful Mr Buble! ;)


Saturday, November 16, 2013

e.l.f Disney Villains Nail Polish First Impressions

It's no secret that I have a HUGE obsession with Disney, so when theres a combination of my favourite things, Disney and Make-up i will do everything in my power to own it.

Earlier this year Disney collaborated with Sephora, in what is rumoured to be the last time, to create the Ariel collection and because Sephora doesn't offer international shipping i still haven't managed to get my hands on anything from the collection which upsets me so much that i get quite angry whenever i think about it! So lets move on…..

Earlier this year Disney announced a collaboration with Walgreens in America (Walgreens is like an American Boots or Superdrug) to bring out a line inspired by some of the villains.
Four villains were chosen and for each villain there is a face palette, eyelash set, nail polish set, nail art kit, a hair accesories set and a make up/toiletries bag. The villains that they chose to represent are Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Evil Queen (Snow White), Cruella De Vel (101 Dalmations) and Maleficent (Sleepig Beauty). I love the look of it all so much but because it was only exclusive to certain Walgreen stores I had to order mine online so just got the nail polish set.

The nail polish set is by E.L.F. You get 12 colours, 3 for each villain. The bottles are miniatures but when i swatted them the consistency is so good i can't see myself finishing any of them any time soon!

I love the packaging. The colours and stylised versions of the villains themselves fits perfectly with the personality of each one! They've managed to make them look beautiful but still deadly at the same time! Even Ursula (my favourite villain personally) who is supposed to be quite ugly looks stunning!


 The 3 Maleficent polish's (Left to Right) Bubble Gum Pink, Mod Mauve, Gina Girl

Here they are swatted, this is 2 coats of each polish on it's own. Also this is quite a bad picture of what the colours actually look like! Bubble Gum Pink is a definitely not as dark as it is in the picture! It's a creamy bubble gum pink just like the name suggests! And Mod Mauve is a brown toned mauve, i'm not a big fan of this, it is really streaky to apply and even after 2 coats it still looks quite messy! Gina girl is quite accurate though. It's full of purple, orange, gold and red glitter in a sheer purple base. It's definitely a bit difficult to use, you need to almost place the glitter onto the nail. But i think with a bit of work the effect could be gorgeous!

Evil Queen

(left to right) Pot of Gold, Cranberry, Thunderstorm

These are again not exactly true to the colour (I'm so sorry!!) Pot of Gold is, it's also self explanatory it's a gorgeous metallic gold. Cranberry is stunning!!! I'm a little disappointed that it isn't exactly like it is in the bottle, because in the bottle it looks as if it is packed with orange and red tonnes which would be perfect for Autumn! But when painted onto the nail it is a dark cranberry red colour which fits the name, this is a bother streaky polish. Thunderstorm is a smokey dark green/black that when swatted i thought it looks more grey than green/black. It's also a bit streaky.

Cruella De Vil

 Nude, Smoking Hot, Smokey Brown

Nude is a pink toned nude that is really quite beautiful, Smoking Hot is a gorgeous bright red that is a crelly finish (jelly/cream) and Smokey Brown is a a dark smokey brown, i'm not too impressed with this it's a bother one that is really streaky to apply, even after 2 coats!


 Coral Cream, Mint Cream, Sea Escape

Coral Cream is a stunning pink toned coral orange. Mint Cream is light mint colour that is really beautiful when swatted, i can't wait to use it! Sea Escape was a really big disappointment! In the bottle it is a black base packed with turquoise shimmer but when painted on you can barely sea any of the sparkle so most of the time it just looks black! Even with 2 coats and a top coat it just looks black! I had such high hopes for this polish and was quite sad when i realised it wasn't living up to expectations!!

Overall this is a lovely set, I only have a few problems with some of the polishes being streaky and then the big disappointment with Sea Escape not being as gorgeous as it is in the bottle on the nail. The colours fit the characters very well and the packaging it comes in is very well done, the windows show clearly what polishes go with each character.
I only have one really big issue, thats the names of the polishes. All the colours are one that elf already sell in their collections. They Disney-fied on the outside of the box but then stopped, i would of expected them to maybe change the names of the polish to fit the characters the colours were representing! It would of showed they thought a bit more about the choices they made, not just picked random colours and threw them into a collection. 
Having said that i do like the choices they made and i'm glad that they sell full sized bottles of the colours because i will definitely be re-purchasing a few, Gina Girl, Cranberry, Mint Cream and Sea Escape (despite the issue with the shimmer it still has is a lovely colour).

Sorry this is a bit late going up, i've had quite a busy week! Look out for a huge Lush haul coming in the next week!!!!

Hope your all having a fantastic Saturday, i'm off to get ready for a Hero and Villain themed party!! What are you up to?


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

October Favourites

I've been wanting to do a monthly favourites for sooooo long and i'm FINALLY getting round to it haha!! Lets get started!

First up Make-up...
 Mac - Original Viva Glam lipstick,
 Mac Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash,
Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, 
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation,
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

If you want to see full reviews of any of these products check them out here

Mac Original Viva Glam Lipstick

I really cant say much more than I said in the post above (this is going to be the same for every item in the above picture tbh!) just that I absolutely adore this lipstick and really haven't stopped wearing it every chance I get!! The colour is perfect for the Autumn and Winter. 

Mac Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara

This mascara is seriously amazing. I'm really bad for not curling my eyelashes before applying mascara (i know it's terrible!) but with this i dont need to! A couple of coats of this and my lashes look longer, fuller and really do open my eyes up! I will definitely be re-purchasing this!

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

I have used this every single day this month! You can create so many different looks that it's good for casual everyday looks and going out looks. I used this to create my halloween make-up! 

My halloween make-up!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

I love love love this! It has become my go to foundation and i actually havent used a different foundation since i bought this one! I have had an issue today and yesterday with the foundation wiping off in certain areas which i'm not entirely sure why that is especially since yesterday i was wearing the setting spray....despite that i'm still putting this in here because i love the coverage, the colour, the texture and the look of this foundation and would recomend it to anyone who has oily or combination skin because this is matte and stays matte all day!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This stuff is a-maz-ing!!! (Well until yesterday :S I'll keep you posted if it happens again!) The past couple of weeks when i've used it it's kept my make-up in place all day and when i forgot to take my make-up off after a wedding i went to the make-up was still perfect the next day! This is also great for oily or combination skin because it helps keep everything matte!

Smellies next...

Yankee Candle - Fireside Treats
Vivienne Westwood - Naughty Alice

Yankee Candle Fireside Treats

This smells incredible! It smells of toasted marshmallows, when it's burned it fills the room up and it just smells warm and sweet. I love sweet smells so this is perfect for me! Ive beurned it pretty much everyday since i bought it so i'm really glad it's not going down too fast!!

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice

I bought this perfume because i was looking to do a complete overhaul of my perfume collection. I started with this and i just love it! I am absolutely rubbish at desccribing scents so i'll link you to a page that tells you what it smells like haha! (here) I've got so many compliments from wearing it as well!

Last of all we've got 2 random items...

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 
Confused? Skittles

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera

At the end of last month i purchased an original polaroid camera. I love how they look and i've always been fascinated at how they worked! But after it arrived i realised that buying film for it was near impossible because of the price! So after talking to a few people i was recommended this camera over and over, I had a look online at them and decided to buy this one! I now dont go anywhere without it! I havent taken that many photos because although it is quite cheap for film i dont want to waste it away! The pictures i have got are awesome though. I think it's awesome that that image is the only one in the whole world, it's not on the internet for all to see which means that every photo you take is extra special. I think i'm going to make a collage with all the photos i take and frame it to put on my wall.

Confused? Skittles

I think i have a slight addiction to these! I buy them everyday at college and then i get the big share packs if i'm planning on watching a movie or for the days im babysitting, i will just sit and go through the whole packet! The flavours are just awesome (Green and yellow are my favourites).

So that's my favourite things of October. Can you believe it's November already?!?! This year has just gone so fast!!! It's nearly Christmas though!!! Aaaah!!! (yep I did just say the C word, sorry!!) 

Hope your having a great Wednesday