Saturday, November 16, 2013

e.l.f Disney Villains Nail Polish First Impressions

It's no secret that I have a HUGE obsession with Disney, so when theres a combination of my favourite things, Disney and Make-up i will do everything in my power to own it.

Earlier this year Disney collaborated with Sephora, in what is rumoured to be the last time, to create the Ariel collection and because Sephora doesn't offer international shipping i still haven't managed to get my hands on anything from the collection which upsets me so much that i get quite angry whenever i think about it! So lets move on…..

Earlier this year Disney announced a collaboration with Walgreens in America (Walgreens is like an American Boots or Superdrug) to bring out a line inspired by some of the villains.
Four villains were chosen and for each villain there is a face palette, eyelash set, nail polish set, nail art kit, a hair accesories set and a make up/toiletries bag. The villains that they chose to represent are Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Evil Queen (Snow White), Cruella De Vel (101 Dalmations) and Maleficent (Sleepig Beauty). I love the look of it all so much but because it was only exclusive to certain Walgreen stores I had to order mine online so just got the nail polish set.

The nail polish set is by E.L.F. You get 12 colours, 3 for each villain. The bottles are miniatures but when i swatted them the consistency is so good i can't see myself finishing any of them any time soon!

I love the packaging. The colours and stylised versions of the villains themselves fits perfectly with the personality of each one! They've managed to make them look beautiful but still deadly at the same time! Even Ursula (my favourite villain personally) who is supposed to be quite ugly looks stunning!


 The 3 Maleficent polish's (Left to Right) Bubble Gum Pink, Mod Mauve, Gina Girl

Here they are swatted, this is 2 coats of each polish on it's own. Also this is quite a bad picture of what the colours actually look like! Bubble Gum Pink is a definitely not as dark as it is in the picture! It's a creamy bubble gum pink just like the name suggests! And Mod Mauve is a brown toned mauve, i'm not a big fan of this, it is really streaky to apply and even after 2 coats it still looks quite messy! Gina girl is quite accurate though. It's full of purple, orange, gold and red glitter in a sheer purple base. It's definitely a bit difficult to use, you need to almost place the glitter onto the nail. But i think with a bit of work the effect could be gorgeous!

Evil Queen

(left to right) Pot of Gold, Cranberry, Thunderstorm

These are again not exactly true to the colour (I'm so sorry!!) Pot of Gold is, it's also self explanatory it's a gorgeous metallic gold. Cranberry is stunning!!! I'm a little disappointed that it isn't exactly like it is in the bottle, because in the bottle it looks as if it is packed with orange and red tonnes which would be perfect for Autumn! But when painted onto the nail it is a dark cranberry red colour which fits the name, this is a bother streaky polish. Thunderstorm is a smokey dark green/black that when swatted i thought it looks more grey than green/black. It's also a bit streaky.

Cruella De Vil

 Nude, Smoking Hot, Smokey Brown

Nude is a pink toned nude that is really quite beautiful, Smoking Hot is a gorgeous bright red that is a crelly finish (jelly/cream) and Smokey Brown is a a dark smokey brown, i'm not too impressed with this it's a bother one that is really streaky to apply, even after 2 coats!


 Coral Cream, Mint Cream, Sea Escape

Coral Cream is a stunning pink toned coral orange. Mint Cream is light mint colour that is really beautiful when swatted, i can't wait to use it! Sea Escape was a really big disappointment! In the bottle it is a black base packed with turquoise shimmer but when painted on you can barely sea any of the sparkle so most of the time it just looks black! Even with 2 coats and a top coat it just looks black! I had such high hopes for this polish and was quite sad when i realised it wasn't living up to expectations!!

Overall this is a lovely set, I only have a few problems with some of the polishes being streaky and then the big disappointment with Sea Escape not being as gorgeous as it is in the bottle on the nail. The colours fit the characters very well and the packaging it comes in is very well done, the windows show clearly what polishes go with each character.
I only have one really big issue, thats the names of the polishes. All the colours are one that elf already sell in their collections. They Disney-fied on the outside of the box but then stopped, i would of expected them to maybe change the names of the polish to fit the characters the colours were representing! It would of showed they thought a bit more about the choices they made, not just picked random colours and threw them into a collection. 
Having said that i do like the choices they made and i'm glad that they sell full sized bottles of the colours because i will definitely be re-purchasing a few, Gina Girl, Cranberry, Mint Cream and Sea Escape (despite the issue with the shimmer it still has is a lovely colour).

Sorry this is a bit late going up, i've had quite a busy week! Look out for a huge Lush haul coming in the next week!!!!

Hope your all having a fantastic Saturday, i'm off to get ready for a Hero and Villain themed party!! What are you up to?


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