Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 4 - Seriously! You're Never Too Old To Spend An Hour In A Disney Store!

Today was a family day so there isn't many pictures as I don't want to plaster my families faces all over the internet. My Grandad turns 89 on Monday so for an early Birthday meal we popped down to Edinburgh to see him and my Uncle who is visiting from England!
The restaurant we went too called The Hawes Inn in South Queensferry, from the restaurant you could see the rail bridge and the road bridge! It was lovely watching all the cars and trains crossing them as well as all the boats going past!

Dress - Primark
Kimono - H&M
Boots - asos
Necklace - Primark
Lipstick - Kate Moss 107

The restaurant was lovely! Full of character and deceptively large. Outside it looked like a tiny pub but inside it went on and on into different little areas. The food was gorgeous and the only complaint we had was that the service was quite slow, this was because of the food being VERY fresh and the fact that there seamed to be only one waiter serving about 15 tables! The poor guy was very flustered!

(An example of one of the little areas)

(This little fireplace was beside us and kept us warm!)

After food we headed into Edinburgh to visit my Great Aunt who's in hospital. I had decided to take some nail polish to paint her nails with and the smile on her face after I had finished them really made me happy that I had given her something to smile about in quite a confusing time for her! It really is the little things!!
We had to stop in at The Gyle Shopping Centre to go into Morrisons so while my parents and sister went and did the shopping I went and wandered round and round the Disney store. I chatted to some really lovely people that were working there and had a good wee geek out about Frozen and all things Disney!!! I seriously would love to work in a Disney store! I left with the Saving Mr Banks DVD and another limited edition bag to add to my little collection!!

Today we head home so I won't be blogging! But look out on my Instagram for a picture of a HUGE pancake!! 
I hope you've enjoyed this little series! Let me know if you'd like to see more of this sort of thing.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 3 - Please, No Photography

Yesterday was the quietest day we've had! It was also the day we got to see one of the prettiest houses i've ever seen and I was told "Please, No Photography". This is not really something I wanted to hear as I've seen pictures of the inside of Dun House and it really is spectacular! 

(My lovely Dad is getting to be quite the expert at these OOTD photo's!)

Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Cardigan - Jack&Jones
Shoes - Convers
Bag - Oasis (I really need to get more bags!!)
Necklace - Forever 21

Dun House was beautiful! It is completely symmetrical inside and out and the length the architect went to keep it that way is incredible! The rooms are all gorgeous, filled with treasures to look at and all I could think as I went through it was how much I wanted to do a photoshoot there! Our guide was a lovely guy called Forrest (Yes, that is his real name and personally I think it's quite nice!), it was one of his first days which meant that he took his time. A lot of the time you go to these big houses or castles and the guides know everything word for word but race through it without really stopping to answer questions. Forrest was great, and was able to answer everyone questions!!

(Dun house in all it's glory)

After leaving we popped into Montrose and sat at the beach and had our lunch before heading back to the caravan to spend the rest of the day relaxing. 

Oh!! I did pop into a little independent clothes boutique called VV's Boutique (Link here) and bought the most beautiful pair of trousers I have ever owned!!! Look out for them in an OOTD soon!

This is probably one of the shortest posts i've ever written! To make up for that though yesterday I posted one of the biggest, the Loch Lomond Wedding Fayre post! Make sure to go and check it out to see some great businesses that were there!

Hope your Friday is off to a good start. I'm off to Edinburgh to see some family!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Loch Lomond Wedding Fayre

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Loch Lomond Wedding Fayre. I was there modelling hair styles for my friend Anna. I took my camera along and thought I'd blog about it. This will be a long post but it is mostly pictures so please scroll all the way through and look at all the wonderful creatives that I loved at the show!

On the Friday myself, Anna and Linda (the second model) just chilled out, re-dyed Linda's hair and ate Carbonara and cake!

(I made a victoria sponge cake for the 3 of us, I have to say it went down quite well!!)

I'll start off with some pictures of Linda and I's hair on both the days. 

(I think this was my favourite of the 2 styles Anna gave me, I just loved the curls and the pleat! Aaaah it was gorgeous!)

(Linda had very 50's inspired styles both days)

 (Although Saturdays style was my favourite, this one made me feel like a mermaid so there isn't much in it! I loved the feather clasp and the fishtail braid!)

(Another stunning 50's style for Linda, paired with the birdcage veil she looks beautiful!)

On the Sunday Linda and I wandered round and I took some pictures of my favourite stalls! Lets start with the lovely lady who lent us the hair pieces for the weekend!

Vintage Belle
This beautiful stall was one of the first ones that caught my eye! The bespoke handmade pieces were very obviously inspired by my favourite eras, the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's very glamourous and decadent. I will definitely be purchasing my hair pieces for my 21st from here!

 (So many beautiful things!)

 (This is what I have my eye on for my 21st…anyone able to guess the theme?!)


You can find Vintage Belle on their Facebook page here!!

Angelkin Cards 
Next to Vintage Belle was Angelkin Cards. These cards range from birthday cards to wedding invitations and each and everyone is hand drawn. The detail and time put into each card is phenomenal and the fact that they are all hand drawn makes them unique to every single person. Angelkin also does table plans for weddings and had a few on display at the fayre.

(The cards were all so beautiful! They included pictures of churches, bride and grooms, cute little cottages and landscapes too)

 (I loved this idea for a couple, their names surrounded by words and pictures of things that made them as individuals and a couple)

 (Table plan for a Scottish themed wedding, bit of a shaky photo but you can work it out can't you?)

(How beautiful is this drawing? So detailed. It's the hotel the couple were getting married in)

You can find Angelkin Cards here!

The Magical Cake Company
We spent our weekend across from these gorgeous cakes and really had to hold back from eating all the samples that kept on appearing!! We did try a few pieces and they were absolutely delicious! The Magical Cake Company do all sorts of cakes for birthdays, weddings and lots of other special occasions and the cakes themselves are works of art! 
They include your everyday 3 tiered wedding cake, a stack of multi-coloured cupcakes surrounding Mr Happy and Little Miss Happy made out of icing and then birthday cakes in the shape of mine craft characters!!

(These were the cakes on the stall over the weekend, 2 quite simple, 2 not so simple but all very beautiful and I bet delicious!!)

(I loved the look of this one! The detail is phenomenal!)

Go and check out The Magical Cake Company here!!

Winton Wedding and Event Hire 
Winton Wedding and Event hire cover everything you need for the decoration side of your wedding, from chair covers and tea cups & saucers to the flowers outside and even the lighting! They even have caterers!! (See I told you, everything!!!)

(How beautiful is this table?!)

(I love the vintage birdcages that are very popular at the moment)

(This really caught my eye, it's so unusual but very effective too! The pearls sell it for me I think!) 

You can find Winton Wedding and Event Hire here!!

Piping for all Occasions
Right across from Winton was a very impressive looking young man wearing full highland dress! At his feet was a very large bagpipe case. He looked so smart standing there that I had to stop and take a picture!! Alasdair Beaton is a piper for all occasions (just as the name suggests) weddings, Burn's suppers, Hogmany and much, much more!

(The man himself! Told you he looked impressive!!)

To get more information on Alasdair check Piping for all Occasions out here!!

Cards by Carrie
These were another of the many gorgeous cards on offer at the fayre. This stand caught my eye for one reason, and one reason only. The cinema themed table plan and invitations from their Hollywood range! 

(The work that went into this is amazing! The jaws part (Top table list) is 3D and those lights flash! The other films include Top Gun, Jurassic Park, The Goonies and Ghostbusters!)

(These are the matching invitations, Thank You cards, place settings and R.S.V.P cards!)

To find out more about Cards by Carrie you can find them here!!

I feel like I should apologise for the amount of card designers i'm posting about but they the most eye catching stands which meant they were more interesting to photograph, so i'm not sorry at all!

Vicky MacKenzie Card Designs
Vicky Mackenzie card's caught my eye first of all because of the adorable and funny little cartoon drawings of bride and grooms that were hand drawn on a lot of the cards. There were a whole range of these with the couple in different stances including the bride carrying the groom, the couple standing with a pet and lots more. I thought they were a great idea as cards to give the couple on their wedding day or as a congratulations on your engagement card! They are so personal because Vicky can draw the couple anyway at all doing anything and with anything or anyone! 

(The stand had examples from a number of ranges on offer in cards and also a lot of the little acsesories that are available too, like the bottle of whisky with the miniature tag on it to match the card and jewellery box)

(This is an example of one of the cartoon invitations)

You can find Vicky MacKenzie Card Designs here!!

Com Bossa
The stationary available at Com Bossa really are top of the range. There is a huge range of styles and there is the ability to design your own from scratch too. They are all printed on beautiful card and their vintage range really caught my attention! The table was full of different styles of invitations that had been designed for clients. It was all so beautiful I ended up taking quite a few pictures!!

 (A tiny collection of some of the invitations on display)

(The invitation from their vintage collection)

(I really liked the way the table was set out and this MR & Mrs sign looked stunning)

(I had to take a picture of this old fashioned keepsake box filled with letters! It really appealed to my romantic heart……sorry to cheesy?!)

For more information on Com Bossa click here!!

Sugar Snap Stationary
This stand really was something else, I couldn't really stop looking when I cam across it! There was so much to look at and it was all done so beautifully! Sugar Snap specialise in making paper art. Everything is incredibly detailed for being cut out of paper and with their stand and cards every time you looked back you found something else that you hadn't spotted before. Their stand was beautiful with vintage suitcases, typewriters, a swing and even part of a fence all set up and displaying the different things they could do with paper! Sugar snap do everything from invitations to table plans, menus and even one off wall art for the bride and groom to remember their special day! 

(These girls really know how to display their gorgeous cards! It's all so perfect!)

('Where your imagination runs wild and your dreams come true' is their little strap line and for their designs it fits perfectly!)

(I'd love this just to sit in the corner of my room! I've always loved 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow')

(The work was all so intricate!)

(So pretty! These tree designs are also available in huge framed keepsakes for the bride and groom)

You can find Sugar Snap Stationery here!!

Hair Creations by Anna Wade
Last of all but certainly by no means least there's Anna. I am very fortunate to be able to call Anna my hairdresser and friend and over the past year she has gone from strength to strength doing hair for weddings and photoshoots. The time and effort she puts into each creation is insane! You can see pictures of Linda and I's hair over the weekend above but I thought i'd pop a few pictures of some other things she has done here too.

(Anna did this for me last year when I attended a wedding reception. I absolutely loved it!!)

(The beautiful Leitia had a mini trial done on the Sunday of the show)

(Part of a collection called Vice Versa)

(A beautiful faux mohawk for a Native American shoot)

For more info and to see more of Anna's beautiful hair creations click here!!

Phew thats a lot of pictures!!! I really hope that if your planning a party or wedding, or know someone that is, that you take more of a look at everyone featured here! Independent business owners really are the way to go!!

Are any of you planning a wedding or party? Have you got a theme? The plans for my 21st are well under way and it's not until January!!!!

Hope your weeks gone ok so far!

Day 2 in Forfar - Sugar and Spice And All Things Nice

These posts are fast becoming 'What I ate today'! Sorry! But we just find the cutest little tea shops in these little villages and I can't help but take pictures!! I'll try and cut back though….no promises though…

Yesterday was a bit duller but still quite warm so we decided to take a little trip to Arboath. After a quick stop to say hello to a friend and a duck into Boots for mascara and a hairbrush (which omg is the best thing i've ever used in my hair!!!) our first stop was lunch! (I made no promises!!)

First, here's my outfit for the day (again sorry about the screwing up of the face!!)

Top - Primark
Jeggings - George at Asda
Bag - Oasis (I take this bag everywhere!)
Boots - Dr. Martens

Our friend had recommended Sugar & Spice on High Street as his favourite and trusting his judgement we decided to give it a go. As soon as we saw it we knew it was a good decision, It was adorable!

(From this picture it doesn't really look much but the lights around the guttering were twinkling and it just looked so homely and inviting!!)

(This is what greets you as you go in….sweets, sweets and more sweets!!!!)

 (The displays of all their home wears were so cute! And I wanted to buy everything for my room!!)

(This is one of my all time favourite sayings!)

The tea room was gorgeous, all the waitresses were dressed in little victorian style white aprons with little white caps and were so friendly! The chef even made my dad Eggs Royale from the brunch menu (it finished at 11.30) which was delicious! The range of food and drink is insane! They had about 6 different types of tea and 4 types of hot chocolate alone!! 

(My dad had tea (tea bag tea as it's called on the menu) with his Eggs Royale)

 (My cinnamon and apple scone was amazing!!)

(Along with my scone I had their Chocolate Violet. This apparently, they found in Paris and it's hot chocolate laced with violet and it tastes amazing! I'm definitely going to look out for it when i'm in Paris in the Summer)

(My Mum's Carrot and Turnip soup)

(Along with her soup my Mum had tea leaf tea)

I loved the style of the place and the cups and saucers were so pretty! I would definitely recommend this lovely little place to EVERYONE!!!!! (9/13 High Street, Arbroath)

After filling ourselves sufficiently we headed for a wander along the sea front and around the harbour.

(It's a bit strange but I love creels…I grew up in a tiny fishing village in the North of Scotland called Buckie and creels remind me of there along with the fish smell!! I just love it!!)

Before heading home we popped up to see Auchmithie another tiny, tiny village on the edge of a cliff face with some stunning views! 

(It had got duller by the time we made it over there but it was still lovely!)

On the way home we couldn't believe the huge amounts of daffodils filling the fields ready to sell, it looked gorgeous!

(Daffodils for miles!)

I realise that to some people these types of posts may not be that interesting but to be completely honest they're more personal diary type posts for me to remember my holidays! I just post them up here because I like reading posts like this so there must be at least someone else who does too!!

There'll be two posts today, this one and another later on thats about the Wedding Fayre I was at over the weekend! So watch out for that!

Happy hump day!!