Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Day 1 in Forfar - I Do Believe In Fairies I Do, I Do

All this week i'm staying, with my Parents and younger sister, in our caravan in a little town called Forfar near Dundee. I've decided I would blog everyday I'm away as I would like to start doing a little bit more lifestyle posts.

Yesterday we went further North a bit to a little town called Kirriemuir. This is the tiny town where J.M Barrie, author of Peter Pan, was born. Peter Pan has been my favourite story since I was little, I read the book over and over and watched the Disney movie over and over too! So I was quite interested to see where the author was born! It's a tiny little house that if it weren't for signs you would drive right past without another glance!!

Here's me standing outside his front door!

(The sun was right in my eyes which is why I look as if i've smelt something really bad!! Sorry!!)

Top - New Look
Jeans - Kirsten Topshop
Shirt - George at Asda
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Oasis
Lipstick - Kate Moss 107

 (The original manuscript for Peter Pan and some Peter Pan themed playing cards that were displayed on J.M Barrie's desk)

(I really liked the cover of this photocopied version of the original manuscript!)

(Wee picture of me and a statue of Peter Pan!)

Inside the house there was a play room set up to look like the Darling children's nursery, complete with bed and window with the shadow of Peter in it. But in the corner and behind curtains was a stand that you could lie on, air was then blown in your face and when you looked in the mirror it looked as though you were flying! And because I'm such a big child I decided to pop a lost boys hat on and give it a go.

(I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!!!)

After leaving there we decided to go for some afternoon tea in a local art gallery, it was so cute with mismatching teacups and saucers and chairs!!

We then took a little drive into the country and through Glen Prosen, I did take some pictures but my lens is so dirty and needing a clean that none of the pictures can be used which is really irritating!! It's now been cleaned though so I'll hopefully get some good pictures the rest of the week!!!

The campsite we're staying at is right on the edge of the lake and myself and my Mum decided to take a walk round it last night to feed the ducks, the sunset was gorgeous!!

(please excuse the awfulness of this picture!! For some reason blogger doesn't like it when there is black shadows so tries to add information in the form of pixels, which is what has happened here…..the foreground grass area is all black on mt phone….)

Todays post will be up tomorrow morning! So watch this space!!



  1. Aw, nice post. I've never been to Scotland but considered going up on the train. Would love to know where you'd recommend I visit! :) @

    1. Thanks! Oh you HAVE to visit!!! It's such a beautiful place!!! There soooo many places! Fist of all Edinburgh, it's just stunning and the castle is gorgeous!

      I'm gonna go check out your blog! I'll maybe drop you a wee email with some ideas?!


    2. A "wee" email would be lovely :)! I'm going to look at train fares now. Oo exciting!
      Thanks so much xo

    3. Awesome! I'll drop you a 'wee' email when I get home on Saturday then :D I've thought of some great places already!!!
      No Problem!!