Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Products of the Month


So I'm going to start doing a "Monthly favourites" feature where I review my 5 (maybe more) favourite products of the month! This post is what I wrote for last month (April) but never got round to posting!!

·                Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
I love love LOVE this stuff!! I have had trouble growing my nails ever since I got acrylics done on my nails. They just stopped growing I could never get them past the end of my finger! After using this for 3 weeks my nails were so long and looked beautifully healthy! I just used it as a bottom coat everytime I change my nail polish (every couple of days).

 Before: They were short and unhealthy looking without polish on! And on the odd occasin that they did grow over the tips of my fingers they broke with the slightest little hit or tap!!
After: They are long, tough and really healthy looking without polish on! It takes a lot to break my nails now!! (although if you trap your finger in a car door they will still break =_= )

  Soap&Glory Rich and Foamous body wash
This just smells heavenly!!! Made with almond and honey milks it smells like fresh baking!! Not only that but due to the large size of bottle it lasts you months!! I got mine as a christmas present and I’m not finished it yet!! Although I don’t use it every time I take a shower.

·       Lily-Flame Candles
I have a few of these but the one pictured is my favourite! It smells so strongly of parma violets that even with just taking the lid off you’re transported back to your childhood!! All of they’re candles have the most magical smells! Definitely worth checking out!!! ( www.lily-flame.co.uk )

·       Batiste Dry Shampoo
This stuff is an absolute godsend!!! If you sleep in or suddenly change your mind about going out on that work night out and you don’t have time to shower this dry shampoo is perfect!! It comes in so many different smells and even has ones dedicated to different hair colours!!! My favourite is the lace one, it just smells gorgeous!

·       Pearl Drops Toothpaste
I have fallen in love with this toothpaste, I use the Hollywood Smile one and my boyfriend uses the Tea & Coffee one. We both noticed a small difference within the first week (with the help of a colour chart that comes on the side of the Hollywood smiles box) and after the 3 weeks you can really see the difference!! My only complaint with it is that you don’t get that fresh feeling you get with really minty toothpastes but that’s just a personal thing and it can be fixed with some mouthwash! (Sorry I don't have a before and after pic for you, I forgot to take one before I started using this, I just finished the tube though so I might wait a few weeks, use a different toothpaste then go back to it and start again)

So those are my favourite products for April I'll be putting up another one for May at the end of the month (which btw is like Saturday!!! Can't believe how fast this year is going!!!!) so look out for that!!

ALSO I know I said i'd put a nail haul up for you guys yesterday but I had a slight falling out with my mac since the charger broke on me AGAIN (2nd time in the past 6 months) so I just wasn't in the mood to do anything tbh!!! I'm so sorry but I promise I will get that sorted and up on here ASAP!!

Take care,


Sunday, May 26, 2013


So i've sort of had the best weekend in a long long time!! Never laughed so much in all my life!!! My stomach muscles are so sore today because of the amount I laughed yesterday!! I didn't do much after getting to L's (Lee my boyfriend) on Friday night but yesterday was a gorgeous day so me and 2 friends went and spent most of the day sitting beside a river in the sun :) Later though we went to a music festival where L's band (www.facebook.com/losperrosuk) were playing. There was 9 of us there all together including the band and we all got band passes and just generally had a great time! BUT I forgot to take a photo of my outfit so i'm gonna recreate it tomorrow and take a few photos for you guys :)

Today I didn't really do much, got up late and because L was working at a Disco I drove home early, chilled out, had lunch with the family then went out to meet my best friend Kathryn for coffee and a catch up!! I remembered to take photos of my outfit today!! :D

I'm wearing:
Top: Vindictive
Shorts: Missguided.com
Tights: H&M
Bralette: H&M
Boots: Red Herring

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! I'll be posting a nail polish haul and review tomorrow so look out for that :D



Friday, May 24, 2013

House of Wonderland

Hi guys!!!

So in February, a local online store advertised on their Facebook page looking for bloggers to blog about them. I contacted them and said I would....it's now the end of May and I'm only just now getting round to this!!! I feel awful but i've been so busy I just haven't had the time!! So I do apologise to House of Wonderland for this taking so long and I hope you like what you see and maybe even go and purchase some of the lovely things House of Wonderland offers!! It's just a short review of the products I got :) Enjoooyyy!!!

House of Wonderland is a very young company, started in 2012 by Mother of 2, Tess from Scotland. Tess is creative, passionate, hard working and ambitious, Inspired by Japanese Kawaii fashion and vintage styles. She also uses a lot of 1960’s pin-up’s in her jewellery and bags. She describes herself as Bizarre, Crazy, unique and playful.


The products include Necklaces, earrings, bags & purses and she also has a range of special collections. At the moment there’s 3 available collections, the Edward Staples Collection, the Rag & Bone Collection and the Bettie Page Collection. Made to order is available on any of the products.

I actually purchased 3 lots of things from her and both times they arrived very, very fast! Both arriving within 4 days!

First I bought :-

  • ·       A Goody Box for £11

-       Tattooed Ariel necklace (usually £8)
-       ‘Love Hate’ necklace (usually £8)
-       ‘Sailor, Beware’ Earrings (£5)
-       Rockabilly Rose earrings (£5)

Individually together they are worth £27 so for £11 it’s more than half off!!  So it’s great value!

  • ·       A Care Bear Bow - £4.50

When I ordered this I was given a Heart Shaped ‘Kitty’ Brooch for free , it’s not really my thing but it’s beautifully made!

  • ·       A ‘Twilight Sparkle’ My Little Pony sparkle necklace - £10

I love so many of the items and they are fabulously made! I’ve gotten loads compliments from people when I’m wearing the pieces. Friends have asked me where I’ve got the earrings and necklaces from saying that they love how unique they are and how beautifully made they are. I haven’t not worn them a single day since I got them in the mail!!! I’ve never found jewellery that combines my love for tattoos and my love for Disney! Plus she does My Neighbour Totoro items!!!

If you combine Kawaii, Disney, Studio Ghibli and tattoos, mix it all together with a lot of love you get House of Wonderland!

 Some examples of available products

The Items I puchased :) I LOVE the packaging!!!!!

(Sorry about the lighting btw!!)


I'm still waiting on my My Little Pony necklace arriving but I think that will probably happen tomorrow! Can't wait!!!!!

Wonderlands website is www.house-of-wonderland.com you can also check them out on  www.facebook.com/houseofwonderlandofficial and orders can be placed through both of those sites!! Please please go and check this girl out!! Her things are absolutely gorgeous and she is such a lovely person too!!!

Anyways I'll speak to you all later :)


Nails (Originally posted April 14th 2013)

Since I haven’t really been uploading much recently I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of what my nails have been painted like over the past couple of months :)

The first design with the strawberries are actually my version of a bubzbeauty tutorial :) She loves strawberries and since the weather here was being crappy and snowing I thought I’d brighten up my life a little bit with some strawberries!!!

The apples were the exact same! They are my twist in another bubzbeauty tutorial :)

The other two designs were just some bright colours for spring with some polka dots added in for some extra cuteness ^_^

I think my favourite has to be the apples, they turned out really well!!!

Speak soon!

Internet Shopping (originally posted January 28th 2013)

It’s Brilliant isn’t it?! So quick and simple and you don’t have to bother with putting make-up on, dressing nice or even leaving bed!!! You have the whole world at your fingertips. Literally!!

 A couple of months ago I was on eBay looking for a pair of Hello Kitty nerd glasses. A really cute spin on the “nerd” trend that’s been circling, the glasses are the standard “nerd” shape but have teeny little whiskers on the side and the tell tale Hello Kitty bow on one corner. I chose the ones I liked best (a see through brown pair with leopard print all over the frames and the little bow) and within a minute had ordered and paid for them! The only down side was that due to being Hello Kitty they are coming from Hong Kong which means the delivery time could be up to a month! Now, since they were only a total cost of £2 I really wasn’t bothered!! As I was leaving the page I scrolled down and a few pictures of other items this same seller had to offer I clocked on one…in hindsight this was probably a huge mistake.

I proceeded to fall in love with the majority of the jumpers and cardigans in the store, adding loads to my ‘Watch list’ and after going through them all again decided to purchase a pale green loose knit bat-winged jumper for just over £5 free P&P!!!

I couldn’t believe how cheap it was and the jumper was gorgeous!

I decided to see what other sellers there were and once going to Clothes > Women > Checking the boxes for Jumpers and Cardigans, I discovered page after page of absolutely gorgeous oversized jumpers and cardigans! All modeled by gorgeous Chinese or Japanese girls. I spent hours going through loads of pages, adding item after item to my ‘watch list’ and adding some to my cart, to then take them out again when I realized that I didn’t have infinite amounts of money to spend since I’m still a student who can’t find a job!

The next day though I relented and bought two more jumpers, one white oversized with bat-winged sleeves and lace shoulders and a Thick striped blue and white woolen one, these were from the same seller so the P&P was reduced, they came to under £14. Additionally since my original Hello Kitty Glasses won’t be arriving for a few weeks I decided I couldn’t wait that long so I bought a pair of Blue/Green leopard print ones with a heart on the corner, as apposed to a bow, which says Hello Kitty inside it. These cost me £2.99 and when they arrived I was so pleased with the quality of the garments! So soft and well made and my glasses were perfect!

Altogether my purchases came to well under £35 and to be honest if I had gone to high street stores to buy these items I would probably pay that price for just on of the jumpers! Some might disagree but I think this is great value for money and well worth the wait!

Plus who doesn’t love getting parcels in the mail?!?!