Friday, May 24, 2013

Internet Shopping (originally posted January 28th 2013)

It’s Brilliant isn’t it?! So quick and simple and you don’t have to bother with putting make-up on, dressing nice or even leaving bed!!! You have the whole world at your fingertips. Literally!!

 A couple of months ago I was on eBay looking for a pair of Hello Kitty nerd glasses. A really cute spin on the “nerd” trend that’s been circling, the glasses are the standard “nerd” shape but have teeny little whiskers on the side and the tell tale Hello Kitty bow on one corner. I chose the ones I liked best (a see through brown pair with leopard print all over the frames and the little bow) and within a minute had ordered and paid for them! The only down side was that due to being Hello Kitty they are coming from Hong Kong which means the delivery time could be up to a month! Now, since they were only a total cost of £2 I really wasn’t bothered!! As I was leaving the page I scrolled down and a few pictures of other items this same seller had to offer I clocked on one…in hindsight this was probably a huge mistake.

I proceeded to fall in love with the majority of the jumpers and cardigans in the store, adding loads to my ‘Watch list’ and after going through them all again decided to purchase a pale green loose knit bat-winged jumper for just over £5 free P&P!!!

I couldn’t believe how cheap it was and the jumper was gorgeous!

I decided to see what other sellers there were and once going to Clothes > Women > Checking the boxes for Jumpers and Cardigans, I discovered page after page of absolutely gorgeous oversized jumpers and cardigans! All modeled by gorgeous Chinese or Japanese girls. I spent hours going through loads of pages, adding item after item to my ‘watch list’ and adding some to my cart, to then take them out again when I realized that I didn’t have infinite amounts of money to spend since I’m still a student who can’t find a job!

The next day though I relented and bought two more jumpers, one white oversized with bat-winged sleeves and lace shoulders and a Thick striped blue and white woolen one, these were from the same seller so the P&P was reduced, they came to under £14. Additionally since my original Hello Kitty Glasses won’t be arriving for a few weeks I decided I couldn’t wait that long so I bought a pair of Blue/Green leopard print ones with a heart on the corner, as apposed to a bow, which says Hello Kitty inside it. These cost me £2.99 and when they arrived I was so pleased with the quality of the garments! So soft and well made and my glasses were perfect!

Altogether my purchases came to well under £35 and to be honest if I had gone to high street stores to buy these items I would probably pay that price for just on of the jumpers! Some might disagree but I think this is great value for money and well worth the wait!

Plus who doesn’t love getting parcels in the mail?!?!


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