Friday, May 24, 2013

House of Wonderland

Hi guys!!!

So in February, a local online store advertised on their Facebook page looking for bloggers to blog about them. I contacted them and said I's now the end of May and I'm only just now getting round to this!!! I feel awful but i've been so busy I just haven't had the time!! So I do apologise to House of Wonderland for this taking so long and I hope you like what you see and maybe even go and purchase some of the lovely things House of Wonderland offers!! It's just a short review of the products I got :) Enjoooyyy!!!

House of Wonderland is a very young company, started in 2012 by Mother of 2, Tess from Scotland. Tess is creative, passionate, hard working and ambitious, Inspired by Japanese Kawaii fashion and vintage styles. She also uses a lot of 1960’s pin-up’s in her jewellery and bags. She describes herself as Bizarre, Crazy, unique and playful.


The products include Necklaces, earrings, bags & purses and she also has a range of special collections. At the moment there’s 3 available collections, the Edward Staples Collection, the Rag & Bone Collection and the Bettie Page Collection. Made to order is available on any of the products.

I actually purchased 3 lots of things from her and both times they arrived very, very fast! Both arriving within 4 days!

First I bought :-

  • ·       A Goody Box for £11

-       Tattooed Ariel necklace (usually £8)
-       ‘Love Hate’ necklace (usually £8)
-       ‘Sailor, Beware’ Earrings (£5)
-       Rockabilly Rose earrings (£5)

Individually together they are worth £27 so for £11 it’s more than half off!!  So it’s great value!

  • ·       A Care Bear Bow - £4.50

When I ordered this I was given a Heart Shaped ‘Kitty’ Brooch for free , it’s not really my thing but it’s beautifully made!

  • ·       A ‘Twilight Sparkle’ My Little Pony sparkle necklace - £10

I love so many of the items and they are fabulously made! I’ve gotten loads compliments from people when I’m wearing the pieces. Friends have asked me where I’ve got the earrings and necklaces from saying that they love how unique they are and how beautifully made they are. I haven’t not worn them a single day since I got them in the mail!!! I’ve never found jewellery that combines my love for tattoos and my love for Disney! Plus she does My Neighbour Totoro items!!!

If you combine Kawaii, Disney, Studio Ghibli and tattoos, mix it all together with a lot of love you get House of Wonderland!

 Some examples of available products

The Items I puchased :) I LOVE the packaging!!!!!

(Sorry about the lighting btw!!)


I'm still waiting on my My Little Pony necklace arriving but I think that will probably happen tomorrow! Can't wait!!!!!

Wonderlands website is you can also check them out on and orders can be placed through both of those sites!! Please please go and check this girl out!! Her things are absolutely gorgeous and she is such a lovely person too!!!

Anyways I'll speak to you all later :)


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