Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi :)

So i'm hopping over here to blogspot from tumblr lol, i've had a fashion and beauty blog on there for 2 years now and I just thought i'd expand a little bit!!! Most of my fave bloggers are on here anyway so it makes more sense!!! So... Here's a little bit about me!

Hi, My name is Adrienne (although I go by the name Kat online), I am an aspiring fashion and beauty journalist/blogger from Scotland, I spend the majority of my time online reading blogs and watching fashion and beauty videos on Youtube (with the occasional cat video thrown in there too)

I Love Mermaids, Disney, Paris and Tattoos…. That’s all you really need to know tbh!

I hope you enjoy reading my little views on all things beauty and fashion in this lovely big world of ours! And maybe even inspire some of you to join the blogging community too!

Speak Soon,

"Laughter is Timeless, Imagination has no Age, Dreams are Forever." - Walter Disney

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