Sunday, May 26, 2013


So i've sort of had the best weekend in a long long time!! Never laughed so much in all my life!!! My stomach muscles are so sore today because of the amount I laughed yesterday!! I didn't do much after getting to L's (Lee my boyfriend) on Friday night but yesterday was a gorgeous day so me and 2 friends went and spent most of the day sitting beside a river in the sun :) Later though we went to a music festival where L's band ( were playing. There was 9 of us there all together including the band and we all got band passes and just generally had a great time! BUT I forgot to take a photo of my outfit so i'm gonna recreate it tomorrow and take a few photos for you guys :)

Today I didn't really do much, got up late and because L was working at a Disco I drove home early, chilled out, had lunch with the family then went out to meet my best friend Kathryn for coffee and a catch up!! I remembered to take photos of my outfit today!! :D

I'm wearing:
Top: Vindictive
Tights: H&M
Bralette: H&M
Boots: Red Herring

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! I'll be posting a nail polish haul and review tomorrow so look out for that :D



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