Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 2 in Forfar - Sugar and Spice And All Things Nice

These posts are fast becoming 'What I ate today'! Sorry! But we just find the cutest little tea shops in these little villages and I can't help but take pictures!! I'll try and cut back though….no promises though…

Yesterday was a bit duller but still quite warm so we decided to take a little trip to Arboath. After a quick stop to say hello to a friend and a duck into Boots for mascara and a hairbrush (which omg is the best thing i've ever used in my hair!!!) our first stop was lunch! (I made no promises!!)

First, here's my outfit for the day (again sorry about the screwing up of the face!!)

Top - Primark
Jeggings - George at Asda
Bag - Oasis (I take this bag everywhere!)
Boots - Dr. Martens

Our friend had recommended Sugar & Spice on High Street as his favourite and trusting his judgement we decided to give it a go. As soon as we saw it we knew it was a good decision, It was adorable!

(From this picture it doesn't really look much but the lights around the guttering were twinkling and it just looked so homely and inviting!!)

(This is what greets you as you go in….sweets, sweets and more sweets!!!!)

 (The displays of all their home wears were so cute! And I wanted to buy everything for my room!!)

(This is one of my all time favourite sayings!)

The tea room was gorgeous, all the waitresses were dressed in little victorian style white aprons with little white caps and were so friendly! The chef even made my dad Eggs Royale from the brunch menu (it finished at 11.30) which was delicious! The range of food and drink is insane! They had about 6 different types of tea and 4 types of hot chocolate alone!! 

(My dad had tea (tea bag tea as it's called on the menu) with his Eggs Royale)

 (My cinnamon and apple scone was amazing!!)

(Along with my scone I had their Chocolate Violet. This apparently, they found in Paris and it's hot chocolate laced with violet and it tastes amazing! I'm definitely going to look out for it when i'm in Paris in the Summer)

(My Mum's Carrot and Turnip soup)

(Along with her soup my Mum had tea leaf tea)

I loved the style of the place and the cups and saucers were so pretty! I would definitely recommend this lovely little place to EVERYONE!!!!! (9/13 High Street, Arbroath)

After filling ourselves sufficiently we headed for a wander along the sea front and around the harbour.

(It's a bit strange but I love creels…I grew up in a tiny fishing village in the North of Scotland called Buckie and creels remind me of there along with the fish smell!! I just love it!!)

Before heading home we popped up to see Auchmithie another tiny, tiny village on the edge of a cliff face with some stunning views! 

(It had got duller by the time we made it over there but it was still lovely!)

On the way home we couldn't believe the huge amounts of daffodils filling the fields ready to sell, it looked gorgeous!

(Daffodils for miles!)

I realise that to some people these types of posts may not be that interesting but to be completely honest they're more personal diary type posts for me to remember my holidays! I just post them up here because I like reading posts like this so there must be at least someone else who does too!!

There'll be two posts today, this one and another later on thats about the Wedding Fayre I was at over the weekend! So watch out for that!

Happy hump day!!

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