Thursday, May 22, 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review

So i've gone and done it again, not blogged for weeks! I know it disgusts me too and again I don't really have an excuse i'm afraid.

But i'm back now and i'm going to do a review of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo for you since it has become my favourite product in my whole skin care routine! I have completely fallen in love with it!

I had heard so much about this but for some reason hadn't actually looked into what it was until I realised I could buy it from my local Boots store! 
I wanted to use it for a while before I wrote a review so I could get my thoughts on it right. 

I love this product because it has completely cleared up my skin. I get really sore under the skin spots and since using this twice daily they have completely stopped. I only get them now after lazy days where I haven't bothered with proper skin care (come on now, we all have them, lets not kid ourselves!!).
This also smooths your skin giving the perfect base to apply foundation over.
It does what it says on the tin basically and I can't find any faults with it!
I suppose if I was really searching for something it would be the price, at £15.50 (fom Boots) it could definitely be classed as a high-end product. I'm not sure if the £15.50 is worth it but since you can get it cheaper online from places like eBay (£13) I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has considered buying it! It really does work. And I can't wait to buy more of it when I visit France this Summer (I'm hoping this one lasts until then! Fingers crossed!!)

I'll see you all again soon with more reviews and some OOTD's!

Hope your all having a good week!

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