Friday, May 30, 2014

Help! It's summer and I hate colour!!!!!

Ok so the titles a bit dramatic….I do like a bit of colour here and there just not loads of it!! This post is just a small one to let you know of a series i've been working on over the past few weeks!!

I am a bit of a colourphobe….I like to stick with what I know really and that tends to be Grey's, Black and White. Even when it comes to patterns it's usually in those colours. This is great in the winter because there is an abundance of plain clothes in these colours but come summer time it is a bit more difficult. In the past i've kind of forced myself to wear colour and looking back on old photo's I hate myself for it, I don't look comfortable in the outfits I chose and to me I look like i'm trying to be something I'm now!

So when I started to think about my summer wardrobe for this year I decided that I would completely be myself and source gorgeous clothes that are summery but stick to a palette that I love. I also realised that I probably won't be the only girl out there that suffers from being a bit of a colourphobe and I thought I would share some of my findings and tips with you all!

I've been using pinterest A LOT to help me sort of map out a kind of mood board of the style I want to go for and have actually been quite surprised with myself due to some floral patterns and colour sneaking into it! This isn't a bad thing mind you, I do think that allowing yourself to just go with what you actually like and not forcing yourself to stick with black, grey and white is quite a good idea! Personally I don't really want to be walking around France (my holiday destination this year!) looking like a goth, so having some floral and colour in there is really going to break up all of that plain blacks and greys!

I've decided to split this over a few posts because it'll probably get quite extensive if I don't. These posts will include a wish list, a tips and tricks post, a How to post and maybe (MAYBE) a few videos!! The posts will be up over the next week with some videos hopefully up the following week (again!! MAYBE!!!!)

Have a great weekend!!

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