Monday, June 02, 2014

Summer Inspirations and Wish List

Heres the first post from my Summer style series! I thought I'd start with some pictures that i've looked at for inspiration and my wish list!

1. I loved the combination of the shorts with the heels! Although heels wouldn't necessarily be practical all day it would make a really nice day to night transition outfit! I am also totally in love with the ankle length kimonos especially sheer ones!
2. Bras that look stunning deserve to be shown off (thats what I think anyway) and I think this bra really toughens up the pink girly dress.
3. Again with all that sheer fabric! Totally in love with it! (And the hat and sunglasses)
4. The combination of bra showing through lace looks gorgeous! 
5. Im really liking the fact that plaid shirts have come back, not necessarily to wear but just to tie round the waist, really easy to wear in the summer and it means on those colder days (we get a lot of those in a Scottish summer) you always have something to put on if you get chilly!
6. All that black but it still looks gorgeous and summery! What you can't see is the embossed flowers all over the dress, its stunning.
7. I was surprised that I liked this dress so much but if I paired with with the right belt (maybe not the same one in the picture) I think it could look really nice!!

My wish list has turned out to only be from two shops, Asos and Topshop. There are other things on my wish list but it's seriously far too long to put into one post so I picked some of the more expensive items and put them here since i'm not completely sure if i'll get any of these! There's other items on my wish list that I know i'll definitely get so you'll get to see them anyway! I'm hoping i'll be able to get one or two pieces from this though!! (Fingers crossed!)

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if any of these items are on your wish list and if you liked a little peek into my inspiration board. 

Whats on your summer wish list?

Happy Monday!

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