Monday, June 23, 2014

Catch Up, Sneak Peeks and Holidays!!!

Hello strangers!!! So yet again I find myself typing an apology post saying I'm sorry for being away for so long!!! 

This blog is equally a huge part of me but also a very small part of me. I love blogging and am generally my happiest reading and writing blogs but for me but I have to be in the right mindset to write a blog and recently I just haven't been. I've found it hard to find inspiration. There's a mixture of things that are to blame for this including holiday planning, a new job and a few other life things that are taking a lot more of my attention (very exciting life things!!! Nothing bad!). 

Unfortunately I can't promise that I'm going to be blogging a lot more over the next month or so either because on Friday I'm off to spend a month in France with my family! Although I will be doing OOTD's while there so in a way I will be blogging more often (hopefully every day but as I said, no promises!!) 

Something new and exciting that is happening either today or tomorrow is that there will be a YouTube video going up on my YouTube channel (aaaah!!). Two weeks ago a friend of mine popped over to my house to help me take photos of some of my favourite summer looks and instead of putting the huge amount of photos into loads of large posts I decided to put them into a sideshow and pop it onto YouTube!! It's my first teeny tiny baby step into the world of YouTube!! So look out for a post when I've put that up! The photo above is a little sneak peek! 

Anyways, enough about me!! What's been going on with you lot? You all good?

Hope you're all having a good Monday so far!!

P.s. Here is the link to said video!!! hope you like :)

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  1. you look amazing, girl! love the floral crown!! so pretty.