Monday, October 28, 2013

Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard First Impression

I love anything matte black, anything matte tbh. I think it stems from my love for batman haha! I just love the way matte can really add another dimension to an outfit, even if it is just on your nails!

Matte nails are definitely on trend for this Autumn and Winter so when i saw that Revlon had brought a range of their dual ended nail art sticks out that were called Chalkboard i jumped and bought one!
There are 6 sticks to choose from each with 2 colours. I picked up Liberal Arts which has a black and a white enamel.

 Matte nail polish's are notoriously hard to make last even if you do have a matte top coat so i wasn't really expecting much from this when i first tried it!
The black end has a large, thick brush that is perfect for covering my nail with just one stroke! And the white has a long thin brush perfect for doing designs on the nail with. I have to admit though, i haven't actually used the white...i know, i know! I'm doing a review on the product and haven't used half of it! Shocking!!! But i decided to just give the black a go first and then i would use the white side if i liked the black. This is what i did with my nails....

Yes this does have an instagram filter over it but this is because i deleted the original photo, sorry!
Picture below of the polish's i used on my ring finger

I actually quite like the effect you get with the black. The enamel it self is easy to apply and depending on the size of your nails depends on how many coats you need. For my pinky, middle and pointer finger i only needed one/2 strokes, one coat but for my thumb i needed 2 coats and multiples strokes. It dried fast which is great because it meant if you did want to do a design with the white by the time you'd painted all your fingernails the ones you painted first would be stone dry so you could make a start! Personally from the pictures i've seen of the chalkboard effect i'm not the biggest fan of it but you might be different! 
On to how long it lasted...I painted my nails Thursday night and unfortunately by Saturday morning they were chipped and the ones that weren't chipped were showing the edges of the tip of my nail. This might be different with a matte top coat but i don't own one as of yet (REALLY need to get my hands on one though!). I almost expected it to only last till lunch time Friday so i'm kind of impressed that it lasted till Saturday but i would really love matte nails to last longer!

As for my ring finger in this design i used Rimmel I <3 lasting finish in Black Cab topped off with Miss Sporty Oh My Gem in Be A Star.

 clear/purple base packed full of large purple pieces of glitter and tiny blue glitter

So in all i'm kind of impressed with this, it's easy to use, quick drying and lasts almost a day longer than i thought it would haha! If i ever do use the white i will definitely post a picture! But for now i'm still not liking the effect in pictures so it might be a while, maybe if i was to go out as a school girl for halloween but i'm not so....

Look out for an October favourites and a What I Wore - Halloween edition coming up this week!!


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