Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I Wore - Wedding

So last Saturday I was a guest at a wedding and I thought I would show you my outfit, make-up, hair, nails etc!

Lets start with my hair....

I can never get my hair to sit right when I actually need it too! I'm one of these people who will have perfect hair that will do what i want to when i'm actually not doing anything but sit about the house. But the minute i need it to curl, straighten or even just sit right it decides that thens a good time to go a bit crazy. Even when I went to the hairdressers my hair would be fine for a few hours then spring back to its normal horrible self....all this was before i met Anna (Heres a link to her Facebook, please go and like and comment and if your nearby book your next cut with her, she is just wonderful!). Im not even exaggerating when i say that she's a genius when it comes to hair. I met her when she did my hair for a fashion show i was modelling in and since then she's been my hairdresser so naturally when i realised i was probably going to loose the battle with my hair again i booked an appointment! I started looking on Pinterest for up do's because my dress had a lot of lace detailing around the neck and i wanted to show it off but i wanted to incorporate the braiding trend that is huge for this autumn/winter! So this is what we came up with....

 It's just absolutely gorgeous isn't it??? I got sooo many compliments from people! Anna basically started by curling all my hair then doing 2 fishtail braids one on each side of my head, she then pinned them into place before gathering all the rest of the hair and pinning it to create a kind of messy bun.

My make-up next....

First I want to apologise for the amount of pictures i only realised just now that i could of done one picture with all the things i used! Oh well, next time i'll do that but just now you'll just have to cope with a few extra pictures than there needs to be!

Heres a picture of the finished look...

Because I had decided on a monochrome look with a splash of red, I decided to do red lips. Now when it comes to make up i looove bold bright colours on the eyes but because i was going for such a statement lip colour i decided to just go for a simple cat eye. I thought it matched the hair quite nicely too.

For the main products I used in this look I'm going to direct you here. Mostly everything i used was mentioned in my haul and review there. The foundation is Urban Decay Naked (my colour is 2.0) applied over moisturiser with the UD Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. For my eyes I used 2 colours from UD's Vice 2 palette, DOPE all over the lid and then AMBUSH on the outward corner and blended up onto the brow bone (not too far though!) and then as a highlight i used DOPE again under the eyebrow. For my lips i used MAC Viva Glam The Original lipstick and lipglass. For my the rest I used....
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black. I actually apply this with an old lip liner brush, I just get a better result from it rather than an eyeliner brush! I get a sharper point on the flick in a cat eye!

Bourjois Delice De Soleil. I love this bronzer! Apart from the fact it smells AMAZING (tropical coconut) It really does give you a soft bronzed look that you can build up easily without looking over done! It is slightly shimmery in the pan but once used it's almost matte. I used this on the parts of my face that would naturally tan (forehead, cheek bones) and then applied it on my jaw line for a little bit more definition.

Maybelline blusher. I am so so sorry but i cant find the name of this anywhere!!! All I know is that it's a soft red/brown almost bronze colour that is lovely for a bit of colour on my cheeks! Sorry!!

For my nails i actually ended up buying products to create what i had in my head and i was so happy the way it turned out!! I'm going to apologise (again) for the state of my nails in the first picture it was taken before i cleaned them up and then i forgot to get a proper picture after the clean up!! 

Aaah!! They're really messy!!! 

Here's what I used to create them....

(Left to Right)
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Sinful Colors - Gogo Girl , Barry M - 150, Seventeen Nail Effects - Monochrome, Rimmel Liquid Dry, and then I used the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as top coat because my nails just seem to last longer without chipping if i have a coat of that on top!!

Here's a picture of my nails after clean up that I took at the wedding...

I was really quite happy with them and i really love the effect of the Seventeen nail effects on top of the white!!

For my accessories i kept it so simple! Just my bag and a bracelet! Oh! and my beautiful shoes of course!!

This clutch is from Primark, but to be honest i dont think it looks as if it is! It's so classic and simple that it could be from Warehouse or maybe even Zara! (my favourite places for clutch bags!) I love the white and black with the nude on the bottom part of the back! And it isn't stupidly thin either! It has a kind of expanding bitt at the bottom which meant i could fit my phone, purse, lipstick etc in it without it giving it a strange shape!

I honestly have no idea where this is from, i think it was a birthday present a few years ago but i love it! Its chunky but not too chunky that it looks silly on my skinny wrists and the skulls give it a little bit of a rocker kick!

Now onto these babies! The shoes I originally bought ended up being to big for me so i went looking for replacements. I found these in New Look and i just adore them! The colour, the almost snake skin print!!!! *sigh* they're perfect. They're also really comfortable! They have a sort of cushiony sole inside them which makes them really soft and easy to walk in (and dance).

Now the important bit!! The dress and the whole outfit all together!! 

 The lighting isnt the best but you can see the dress! I bought it on Ebay actually! When i first tried it on i got a bit worried about how tight it was but with some help from Boux Avenue that wasn't much of a problem. The lace is what sells it for me to be honest, It's a gorgeous touch and made my feel quite sophisticated. The blazer is one i got in H&M last year.

Slightly better lighting but kind of out of focus now! 

I love weddings, they're always so happy! Its the one party that you can go to and know that there probably won't be any fights or anything and it's just all love and happiness! And this one had a pic 'n' mix which made my night!!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this little 'What I Wore' and hopefully there will be more to come as we go into the festive season (maybe a Halloween one??).

Hope your having a wonderful Thursday!


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