Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to College Haul

These have got really popular just now in the world of blogging since all the schools, colleges and universities have gone back. I'm a little bit late on the band wagon with it though! I suddenly decided to go back to college a week before the course started so all my shopping has been really rushed! Yesterday was the start of my 3rd week and i'm loving it but it's been hectic! So anyway, heres the things i bought for going back.

I decided to get a notebook for each class, since this course is very written based, just so i could keep everything separated (also i kind of have a thing about notebooks so it let me geek out for a bit! :P )

I'll start with Primark:
 Tartan backpack - £9.00
I love this trend right now! I have a bad back so these types of bags are great for me! One shoulder ones end up giving me such bad back pain! Plus these are big enough to fit my macbook in which is what i was looking for!

Unicorn Tote bag - £1.50
I saw this bag while at the till in Primark, I didn't really need it but since it was £1.50 i thought why not! Plus it has unicorns one it!!!!! 

Scarf - £4.00
Saw this last minute too but I love it! It's kind of got a romantic vibe with the skulls and roses and the script. It makes me think of Shakespeare? Just me? Yep? Ok!!

Some close ups of the print!

 Parma Violet Lip Balm - £1.00
Another last minute buy hehe, not impressed with it though, it's more of a chemical smell (and taste) and it just seemed to make my lips dry out faster than they do even without lip balm!!

Next we went to Wilkinson's to get some actual stationary (I forgot to keep the receipts so i dont know the prices!!):

I pretty much loved this as soon as I saw it! I love the vintage feel in the print and the big skull zipper too!! 

 Close up of the zip!

 How cute is the little owl!

This doesn't really need much explanation! Yah know...Hello Kitty! :D

T.K.Maxx was next:

 How awesome is this?! 

Earphones - £3.99
These ear phones are probably the cutest ones i've ever seen! Even the packaging is cute! They are by designer Aimee Wilder.

New Look:

Deer Tank - £7.99
How cute are the little Deers?

The next day I was in HMV and found this:

There was no way I was leaving it!!!

After all of that I still needed two notebooks and my mum and dad got me these two, I think they're from Tesco:

Hello, Hello Kitty!!

I prefer Paris over London any day but the print on this is still beautiful!

I'll have to get another notebook for my Higher English class but I'll update this when I get it! I saw a Wonder Woman one the other day so I might get that!!

Anyway, I hope you all had a good time going back to school etc, or starting a new course or year! Remember just be yourself and you'll find that people will like you for who you are!

Good luck,

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