Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm Baaaack!!


I just wanted to put a little blog post up just to let you guys know that I'm fine and to apologise for being totally MIA in the past few weeks!! I went on holiday with my family so I didn't have any internet access.

Now, I had planned on taking photo's of my outfits each day but I totally forgot to do it!!! So I thought i'd just put up just a few photo's from my week away :)

We went to Chester and stayed in my families touring caravan. I only go on holiday with my Parents and sister once a year and normally L comes with me but this year due to work he couldn't come with us so I went down and met them on my own!

So as I said i'm just going to add a few pictures of things I saw/did on my holiday and I hope it's not too boring for you!!

Before I went on my holidays I did my usual 'holiday nails' and this time i decided to try a mickey mouse inspired design. I'll do a post about how to do this another time.

 This is probably one of the only full length photos I got! Myself and My sister at the top of a mountain in Wales. I'm wearing: H&M dress with Jack Wills flip flops
I dont know where My sisters outfit is from Sorry guys!!!

French pleats are really popular this summer and my Mum is amazing at them so I had my Mum do one in my hair. For the hot weather (38degrees!!!!) this style was perfect, it kept my hair off my face and off my back which helped me keep a little cooler! I just had to remember to put suncream on my back and face!!!

 On our last day we went into Chester and to Chester Zoo, In Chester itself there is a little cafe based on a little well known TV show called FRIENDS!!! My sister and I are obsessed with Friends so this was a real highlight to our holiday! The cafe is called Central Perk and is set out exactly like it is in the show, miss-matched couches and coffee cups and it serves all the American food and drinks the guys ordered in the show!! Another cool thing was that around the room there were giant TV screens showing episodes of the show!!

 This was a little table set up just as you walked in!

So that was my holiday summed up in just a few photo's we done a lot more than whats in those photos but I didn't want this post to be massively long and boring!!

I'm not sure what my next post will be about, maybe my Summer favourites??

Right, i'm going to go and get ready and go into town to meet some friends

Have a lovely Thursday!!

P.s. I am so excited to announce that I have been asked to review one of House of Wonderlands new products which will be arriving BATKW HQ next week so look out for that!! In the meant time check out HOW's online store here: and my review on the products here:

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