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Hi Beauties :D

So I have quite a big haul for you!!! I got payed for the first time this summer on Friday and so did L so we decided to go into Glasgow on Saturday and treat ourselves! Here's a few pictures of us before we left! (yes we are big posers!)
 OOTD: Dress H&M, L's Shirt Topshop
 OOTD: Dress H&M, Cardigan Jack&Jones, Tights H&M, Leather Jacket New Look, Boots Red Herring
Slightly better picture of the dress

It turned out that I was the one to do most shopping (not really surprising tbh!!) L only bought 3 shirts for work. Although he has spent every day since looking at really expensive things he could buy!!!

My bags at the end of the day, I also bought a plain black snapback from H&M and some Dove shampoo but they're nothing exciting so I left them out of the haul

We started our day in PULP, an alternative clothing store which I adore!!! I just love how they sell the perfect mix of grunge and girly clothing. They have band merchandise, rockabilly dresses and then the cute girly clothing. I got....

Goodie Two Sleeves, I <3 Dino flight bag.
I love love love this!! L and I have this thing about dinosaurs, tbh it's more him than me but I still love them. He spotted this and I just had to have it!!!

Newbreed Girl Fantasize Unicorn Vest 
I love unicorns (did you know they are Scotlands national animal??!! Go on Google it!!) and anything fantasy!! So I fell in love with t-shirt the minute i set eyes on it! 

Punky Pins Chunky Seahorse Necklace 
So... this was a last minute buy. I was at the till, my other items were being wrung up and I spotted a case full of sparkly things! I went over for a better look and spotted this along side a mermaid and a Narwhal (google them too!! They're amazing!!!). For being such a fan of mermaids I think I surprised myself when I didn't pick the mermaid one but I just preferred the seahorse! The mermaid looked kind of squashed...
ANYWAAYYY...I got the seahorse and I love her!!!

Our next stop was DISNEY STORE!!!!!!!!!!! The problem was it was packed! I'd forgotten that it was the first day of the Summer holidays and it was a Saturday...The que was all the way round the shop which meant you basically had to join the que and look and pick as you moved down it! I new what I wanted to look at mainly anyway but I wish i'd got more time to look around properly! I ordered some bits of the Beautifully Disney collection last week ( a eyeshadow palette and a nail polish) and I decided I wanted more of it! I was so excited to find out that Beautifully Disney was part of the massive sale Disney is having at the moment!! 
I bought.... Envy of the Ball, the Lady Tremaine inspried Lip Gloss and Mystic Mermaid, the Ariel inspired Lip Gloss.

Envy of the Ball box (the Mystic Mermaid box has a shell on the top)

Envy of the Ball is a gorgeous pink-red with stunning gold glitter through it! Although the gold glitter doesn't come through on the lips as well as it does in the tube it still looks stunning on!

Mystic Mermaid is a peach shade with peach shimmer through it. It creates a gorgeous nude lip.

After some lunch we went to Forever 21! This store is new to Glasgow and i'd only been in it once before and I absolutely adore it! They have great quality clothes for amazing prices and they have such a massive stock that is spread over 3 floors! I bought...

 The owl tank top was something I had seen on their online store but had completely forgotten about until I saw it hanging on the end of a rail! I really like how the eyes stand out! And I've been looking for a pair of nice pair of bleached look jeans for a while now so these are just perfecte vest I've been looking for a pair of nice pair of bleached look jeans for a while now so these are just perfect

I wasn't really looking for a new compact mirror but this was at the till so it was your typical impulse buy!! It's that gorgeous mint green that is everywhere at the moment and it has kittens on it!!

Another impulse buy!!! A set of eye brushes (again in that gorgeous green) that are actually enscribed with what the individual brush is for which I thought was a great idea! I've used them once since I got them and i'm really happy with the quality of them! They're really soft as well which is a plus since a lot of brushes I have seem to be almost sharp feeling and make my eyes water!

We walked past The Perfume Shop and I realised that I hadn't bought a nice perfume in a while and since my favourite Nina Ricci perfume was nearly at the end I thought why not?!

Paco Rabanne Black XS for her.
I absolutely adore this sent!!! I'm not great at describing scents though so i've just taken the description from The Perfume Shop's website...
  • Heart notes
    Charming, feminine middle note with black violet, cocoa flower
  • Top notes
    Audacious and sparkling top note with pink pepper berries, cranberry
  • Base notes
    Addictive and passionate base note with patchouli and black vanilla

 It's also described as Floral, Mysterious, Rebellious and Sensual!

 Our last stop before getting the train home was Lush, I was going to walk straight past it but the smell dragged me in!!! I spoke to a girl who worked there and asked her if she had anything that would help my combination acne prone skin that got proper big spots, not just little red spots that appeared and disapeared the same day, proper spots that you can feel for days before you even see them and then are around for days after they finally appear!! She was lovely! She new exactly what I was talking about and exactly what she was talking about. She picked 3 of the face scrubs out (Catastrophe Cosmetic, Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake) and explained exactly what each one did, how it would help my skin, let me smell them and was genuinely interested in me as a person. She gave me lots of compliments on the good points of my skin but didn't seem to push me to buy any of the products! I did though and went for Cupcake...

 'This mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse'
(I took that straight off their website because I couldn't remember exactly what it does!!)
I haven't tried it yet but I am going to later on today so I will let you know my thoughts!

We finished the day at a restaurant in Ayr called Mr Basrai's World Buffet which was amazing!!!!! 

All in all I would say that was a pretty successful shopping day! I feel bad that L didn't get much but he says he doesn't mind! I spent a little over what  expected too but my excuse is that it was my first pay and it's summer!!! (Don't know if my Mum and Dad will buy it though!)

Oh!!!!! As you may notice from the pictures above I changed my hair colour! I'm now purple with lilac dip dye! My lovely friend Anna spent 4 hours bleaching and dying on Friday night and 'Mermified' me (as L called it)! I am so happy with the way it turned out! 

Before & After
That isn't the best photo of the colour tbh, you can see it better in the photo's above.
Here's a little Link so her Facebook, she does gorgeous work! 

So there you go, I hope you enjoy this and it isn't too long and boring for you!! 

I think there'll be a post about the Beautifully Disney products i've got later today, but as usual we'll see!

Have a great Tuesday :)

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