Friday, July 12, 2013

Beautifully Disney

So in the past few weeks i've managed to collect a few items from the Spring collection of Beautifully Disney.

If you don't know what Beautifully Disney is it's a collection of high quality make-up available in Disney stores and online. Springs collection is based on 4 Princesses and their corresponding villain. They are: Snow White & the Evil Queen, Ariel & Ursula, Cinderella & Lady Tremaine and Aurora & Maleficent
Theres 8 nail polishes, lipglosses and 2 eyeshadow palette's one for the villains and one for the princesses.

I bought: The Enchanted Kiss Palette, Diva of the Deep nail polish, Mystic Mermaid lip gloss and Envy of the Ball lip gloss.

 I really love the look and size of this palette, it's easy to hold as it's quite petite but at the same time you get a generous size of eyeshadow
 The first colour is a gorgeous shimmering pink colour that also works as a gorgeous cheek blush for a perfect summery look! The second shade is a brown shimmer with gold flecks through it, I was a little disappointed with the pigment, even when really packed on the gold sparkles don't come through! Next is a beige/white colour that is perfect as a highlight for the brow bone or for blending on a smokey eye look, The final colour is a satin lightish brown.

 This nail polish caught my eye immediately! My favourite colour is purple and my favourite movie is The Little Mermaid!! So naturally I HAD to get this!! I love love love this colour, i think it's the perfect polish to represent Ursula.

Unfortunatly I didn't have time to clean my nails up before i took the photo so i apologise!! But the colour of the polish makes up for it!! The only thing this picture does't show you is the shimmer that is through the polish which just makes it even m0re perfect!

 The lipglosses I got are really pretty! Envy of the Ball is a deep red with gold shimmer through it, although the gold doesn't come through all that well when it's on. Mystic Mermaid is a pale pink shimmer that looks stunning on the lip!
Swatches below! (sorry for the rubbish quality!! Seriously I apologise!!!)

All in all i'm pretty happy with my purchases! And now all I've got to do is wait for the Sephora Ariel palette! (HURRY UP SEPHORA!!!!!!!!!) 


P.s. Here's a pic of the look i took from Xsparkage's tutorial using the Enchanted Kiss Palette (

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