Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So I Went Shopping…..

Well as the name suggests i went shopping….It was supposed to be a trip up to Glasgow to buy christmas presents but i left with one part of someones present and a whole load of stuff for me (Ooops!)
Since I haven't posted anything in like 2 weeks ( :O ) I just thought i'd put this little haul up for you showing what i got!

As usual with my trips to Glasgow i HAD to go into the Disney store. Unfortunately for anyone i'm with this experience (especially if they haven't been with me to one before) can be…well it's an experience. I turn into a child the minute i step into a Disney store and i literally skip from one shelf to the next, i can't help myself! This day though the place was packed! It was a Sunday so there were loads of families in buying and looking at things so i decided i had to be fast! I found these two Christmas decorations and then got the Minnie for a special price because i had spent over £10.

 This Bambi Vintage Bauble i fell in love with the minute i saw it. It comes in a little box that opens up like a book to reveal a certificate of authenticity! The bauble it's self is glass and the back is covered in large pieces of gold glitter that are almost see through and the ribbon is a piece of white velvet.

As a lot of you probably know by now Ariel is my favourite princess so when i saw the series of these hanging when i was standing in the sue i immediately looked and found her! I love it!

Because I had spent over £10 i was offered this Christmas Minnie for a special price of £7.99 I thought she was just lovely in her gold outfit and her foot is embroidered with 'Disney store 2013' so i thought she would be a nice little memento of this year!

Next we went to Forever 21, I was actually looking for some winter jumpers since i actually don't have that many! I found 2 and a couple of other things,

I really liked this for three reasons, no. 1 it's mainly white and i have so many tops that are black or grey! no. 2 it's a woollen knit jumper which means although its cosy it won't be too warm for sitting in a classroom all day and no.3 i really liked the print! Ive kind of avoided this type of almost aztec print for a while now but when i saw this i thought why not?!

 I couldn't resist this it's grey and black and has ombre!!!! Im a huge fan of ombre hair and when it progressed onto nails and clothes i was VERY excited. Although, despite this, this is my first piece of clothing with ombre! I do wish it wasn't just the sleeves that were ombre'd but i still love it!

 This was a bit of an impulse buy but in my opinion you can never have too many scarves! This one is gorgeously soft and does a lovely job at keeping me warm.

 I originally picked this necklace up in pink but when i saw it in this green/blue colour i decided i liked this one better! I love lace and i love statement necklaces so i thought this was a gorgeous hybrid. I really like how it's cut into sections too it gives it a little bit of movement….now to find somewhere to wear it….

I grabbed these at the till, because, well at this time of year eyelashes are just really handy to have! This set of 3 i think will be gorgeous one and i can't wait to wear them!

Last of all we went to Paperchase, I was sort of looking for little christmas presents and sort of looking for decorations for my room and ended up leaving with a tree and decorations! 

It's not a brilliant picture but i wanted you to see it all finished and with the lights switched on! The tree is a miniature purple one, the lights are little star shapes, the baubles were a pack of assorted miniatures and the star at the top is silver and VERY glittery!

After all our shopping we went to the new Hard Rock Cafe thats just opened in Glasgow (right next to Forever 21 which is handy!), it was awesome although unfortunately i wasn't feeling great so couldn't finish my pasta dish (black chicken and cheese past, it was delicious! Definitely recommend it) but the cocktails were good! 

This was the back wall which i thought was pretty cool, I also wanted to get a picture of the christmas tree but forgot!

These were our two delicious cocktails! On the left we have a Blue Devil (I can't remember exactly what was in it but i know it had Captain Morgan's Spiced and it was like a slushy) and on the right we have a non alcoholic Mango Tango which was so refreshing (it had mango's in surprisingly!).

Hope you enjoyed this miniature christmas/winter haul! I am thinking about doing a little post on how i've decorated my room for christmas, what do you guys think? The only thing stopping me is that i am in the process of getting new furniture in my room and i'll probably do a room tour post once it's finished….don't know if the 2 would be too similar?

Anyways! Hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday!


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