Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lush Review

Hello! Anyone else suffering from this weird limbo that is the days that follow christmas but are before the New Year? I am, I sleep till 2 and can't work out what day it is!! It's so weird!

Anyway! I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas, i certainly did and i'm grateful to everyone who was a part of making it so!

So for my first post after christmas and possibly the last post before 2014 I have for you today a Lush Review. About a Month ago I was contacted by the manager of my local Lush store and asked to come in and choose some products to review! I can't describe how much of an honour this is for me so Thank You Roisin!

I went in and spent a good hour going round and looking at lots of products and chose a few that i hadn't tried but wanted to! Heres what i chose and what i thought…

Catastrophe Cosmetic, Rudolph, Cosmetic Warrior

Catastrophe Cosmetic (£5.95)
This is my absolute favourite face mask….ever! It smells like a fruit salad because of all the blueberries in it. It also just feel so good that i actually hate taking it off! Normally with face masks i look forward to washing them off because they start to feel horrible on the skin but with this i really don't like taking it off! It has really helped my skin with breakouts and i haven't had nearly as many since i started using it! My skin feels so soft and clean after i do eventually remove it! I would highly recommend this for anyone who has problem breakouts and suffer from puffy and blotchy skin. I only have one problem with this, as it dries bits start to fall off so if I'm wearing this while doing something else wherever i am the carpet/table/bed gets covered it flaky bits of face mask!!! Definitely be repurchasing this!

Rudolph (£5.95)
I didn't particularly like this one. It is part of their winter range and is to help your skin recover from that awful cold, wet and windy weather. Unfortunately it was very difficult to apply! I couldn't smooth it across my face, it would just ball up and fall off! I did find a way to make it work though, i dampened it slightly and it helped a little bit but it didn't totally help. Despite the difficulty i did manage to get it on and after i took it off i did notice a difference in my skin, it was less red and felt lovely and smooth. I don't think i'll be repurchasing it.

Cosmetic Warrior (£5.95)
This face mask is another for break outs. It is gentle and soothing on the skin and i could really feel it working!!! After Catastrophe Cosmetic it's shot to the top of my favourite face masks and i can't wait to purchase another! It feels gorgeous on your skin and i really noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin after taking it off! Its also easy to apply and although the smell of garlic and tea tree is quite strong and may not be to everyones taste it's definitely worth coping with for 10 minutes for the results it gives!

Handy Guru Hand Cream

Handy Guru Hand Cream (£7.75)
This smells heavenly, packed full of so many different butters (peanut, shea, cashew, pumpkinseed and almond) i had very high hopes for this. I usually apply hand cream at night just before getting into bed but when i get into bed i like to catch up on email, read or browse youtube for random cat or car videos. Unfortunately this hand cream even after thoroughly massaging into my hands left them feeling so greasy i couldn't touch anything without it getting covered in hand cream! Although i did feel a difference in the skin of my hands after a few hours i don't think this is quite the hand cream for me. It is possibly more suited for someone who has particularly dry skin on their hands and needs something a little tougher than normal hand cream.

Retread Conditioner

Retread Conditioner (£10.25)
This conditioner is described as 'a pit stop for your hair'. It's tough and heavy weight conditioner using lanolin and seaweed with a mixture of soya milk and a few different oils it's made to return the ends of your hair back to the way they should be. I have quite long hair and i also dye my hair a lot and have done since i was 16 so the ends of my hair have really suffered (especially since a slight disaster which involved dip dying my ends green) but up until this summer they were always fine. But at the start of the summer i had my hair bleached and since then they have been horrible, matted and straw like and i need a really good strong conditioner to help them for any length of time thats more than just a few hours (the conditioner i use is the Dove Intensive Repair i love it!). This conditioner worked amazingly for the first day after washing but by the second day my ends were starting to feel like straw again. I will definitely finish this pot and hopefully it will gradually help my hair! I do like it, I'm not sure i would repurchase it though.

Colour Supplement in Light Pink

Light Pink (£8.95)
A lot of people don't realise that Lush do make-up and i have to be honest neither did i until about 6 months ago! Despite my love for Lush though i never ventured into trying any of it! I'm not really sure why. I was given this sample of their colour supplement, which is their range of foundations. Light Pink is the colour i felt best fitted my skin tone but they have a huge range of colours to choose from! I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage of this, I'm not sure why but i kind of presumed it would act more like a BB Cream rather than a foundation, i like quite a high coverage foundation and this definitely has quite a high coverage. It feels nice to apply on the skin and is easily blended. My only problem with this was that after a few hours my skin felt very dry even on parts of my face that are usually very oily! I think i'll have to try it out a little longer before i decided whether to buy it or not!

Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar

Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar 
(Im sorry i don't have the price since it's now been removed from the website!)
This is perfect for anybody else who is a little bit obsessed with Snow Fairy. It works like any of the other massage bars, you rub it into your skin and leaves it feeling amazing and smelling phenomenal! Snow Fairy has an extra little something though, it leaves your skin shimmery!! Honestly i'm not sure if i'll use her for her desired purpose but i've seen a few people say that they like to break little pieces off and burn it like a candle melt so i think i'll give that a go!

Vanishing Cream Moisturiser (£17.75)
I decided not to take a photo of this because it was the tiniest little pot i was given and it didn't have any labelling either. This multi purpose moisturiser is full of shea butter, honey and witch hazel. This means it is great for the face because the ingredients can help with breakouts and redness. I used this on my face under make-up but my skin felt very oily the entire day. Despite that I'm pretty sure that it was down to this moisturiser that a very bed breakout that had started disappeared a lost over night! I was very impressed and despite the oiliness (i would just use it at night) i would probably be purchasing this in the future if it wasn't for the price! I just can't really see me being able to justify that right now!

I hope you benefitted from this review a little bit! And let me know if you'd like to see more of this sort of Lush review in the future and i'll see what i can do!

Tomorrow (Or today actually) is the last day of 2013 and to be completely honest i'm glad to see the back of it! I didn't have a great year with a lot of downs throughout. But i have a feeling 2014 might just start off completely different thanks to my wonderful family and amazing friends! I honestly can't thank them enough because without them i'm not really are how i would of got through this year! A huge highlight of this year was definitely gaining some amazing new friends through my new college course and i can't wait to see how they develop through this incoming year!
As for my online stuff i WILL be jumping on the YouTube ship in the New Year and i couldn't be more excited about it! I hope to write on here a lot more too! So keep an eye out!

Do you have any New Years resolutions? If so what are they?

So i guess i'll see you in 2014!!

Happy New Year (Be safe!!!!)

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