Wednesday, August 07, 2013

House of Wonderland Promotional tattoos!!!

So you guys will have hopefully already read my post about House of Wonderland and to save me going into a massive big description I'll link you the blog post right here:

About a week ago Tess advertised for some bloggers/customers to take part in a promotional thing with some new products she is testing out! I got in touch and was then asked if I would like to
take part!!

Basically I would be sent one of 2 promotional stick on tattoos she is doing, I would then take a photo and post it to my blog/facebook/instagram etc! I was mega excited because both the tattoos are super adorable! One is a rainbow with House of Wonderland written on it and the other (which I got) is a heart with loads of cute little things inside including a Totoro and a shell with the word Mermaid across it!! Anyhooos heres some photos I took of it!! :)

 I'm not really sure why I decided to put it on my foot, I just thought it would look really cute there!!! I really love how it looks it stayed on all day until I had a shower then It came off :( But it said in the instructions it would do that. It was really simple to use! A LOT easier than those tattoos you have to use water to transfer them onto the skin!! With these you just peel the back off and your good to go! The only problem I had was getting the back peeled off but I think that might of just been me haha!! 

Here's a better picture of the actual tattoo. Look how cute!!!!! I love it!!

As I said in my review of them, HOW is one of my absolute favourite online jewellery store! It's everything I love rolled into one and if you love Kawaii, Superhero, My Little pony, Rockabilly, Tattoos, Disney and all that good stuff then you should definitely go check it out!! You can do this at:

Twitter: @HOW_Online

See you next time!

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