Sunday, March 02, 2014

The TMI Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Melody and since I haven't blogged in a while and I do love this tag I thought i'd give it a shot!! It's a long one so bare with me!!! 

What are you wearing?

A 2 toned grey top from Primark and Disney jammie bottoms from ASDA!! I'm beyond comfy!

Ever been in love?


Ever had a terrible breakup?

Surprisingly not really, none of my break ups have been with big arguments, they've been difficult but quite simple….this has made me think that i'm due a HUGE bust up some time soon!!

How tall are you?

5 ft5 and a bit

Any tattoos?

Yeah, I have 8! Look out for an upcoming post on them

Any piercings?

Just my ears now, but i've had my nose, belly and a few more in the past. Every so often though i'm tempted to go back and get my nose re-done!

Favourite show?

Aah, thats a hard one! Theres a few at the moment! Friends is up there along with Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy and finally Game of Thrones, I just can't get enough of that show, it's bloody amazing!

Favourite bands?

Hmm again there's a few! At the moment i'm loving The Neighbourhood though! I can't turn them off!

Something you miss?

The summer! Although living in scotland means that Summer is usually missed out and instead we get Autumn for 6 months or more, I just want to be able to leave the house without having to put 7 layers of jumpers on!!!

Favourite song?

I can't think of an all time favourite, it's far too hard but at the moment I love Undressed by Julie Bergan  & Astrid Smeplass

How old are you?


Zodiac sign?


Quality you look for in a partner?

Someone who will accept me fully for who I am, thats all anyone should want or need.

Favourite Quote?

Happiness can be found in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore ( I just love his name!!! Does anyone else read it in his voice?!)

Favourite actor?

Right now I love Tom Hiddleston but it changes constantly!! (are you getting the idea that i'm totally crap at choosing favourites? haha!)

Favourite colour?


Loud music or soft?

Depending on my mood it can be either! I have quite a wide music taste!

Where do you go when you're sad?

My room

How long does it take you to shower?

About 20 mins

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

45 mins due to the fact i'm usually half asleep!

Turn on?


Turn off?


The reason I joined Youtube?

Im not quite there yet but watch this space!!!


Spiders, I hate them! Just the thought of them gives me the shivers!!! 

Last thing that made you cry?

I got upset talking about the past with a friend the other day

Last time you said you loved someone?


Meaning behind your blog name?

Well at first my blog was a OOTD blog so it was mainly about fashion but then I realised that I loved to write about beauty too. My nickname for a while when I was younger was Kat (my middle names Kathleen) so it's kind of a play on words Katwalks - Catwalks. It doesn't really make much sense written out and i've kind of grown to hate it, which is why i'm changing it soon!! 

Last book you read?

I am Legend, I read it for a class at college

The book you're currently reading?

I'm not reading anything right now but i'm hoping to maybe start the Game of Thrones books

Last show you watched?

Law & Order: SVU (I have a small love for crime shows! hehe!)

Last person you talked to?

My Dad

The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

Catherine, My best friend

Favourite food?

Pancakes!!!!! (I am literally counting down the days until pancake day!)

Place you want to visit?

Theres so many!! Thailand jumps out at me though 

Last place you were?

Frankie & Bennies

Do you have a crush?

Hmm that would be telling ;)

Last time you kissed someone?

2 weeks ago

Last time you were insulted?

I can't actually remember!!! Thats probably a good thing though!

Favourite flavour of sweet?

I love sour sweets!  

What instruments do you play?

I can play the piano a tiny bit but I prefer singing!

Favourite piece of jewellery?

The gold signet ring I wear the was my Grannies

Last sport you played?

Does the gym count?

Last song you sang?

Team by Lorde

Favourite chat up line?

Ugh, I hate chat up lines!

Last time you hung out with anyone?

I hung out with my family today but it was just in the house really, last night I hung out with my friend Gil (The Crafty Cook) and ate the most delicious red velvet cake that she'd made!!

Who should answer these questions next?

Anyone who reads this!! And link yours down below! I love to read this tag, mainly because i'm pretty nosey!!
But if I have to pick someone I tag Jen, I think everyone else I would tag has already done it!

Phew that was long!!! Congratulations if you didn't give up half way through!!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! I'm off to eat a massive Sunday roast!


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