Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Beginnings, New Horizons...

(How beautiful is where I live?! I took this the other day while out with Jen (check out her blog!) and Lydia walking Lydia's dog, it was taken from Prestwick beach)

I've been pretty quiet recently and I probably will be for a few more days.  I've decided that i'm going to be giving this blog a total over haul. New name, theme, layout etc. I want to save my proper posts for the fresh new blog! I won't be moving anywhere so you don't have to worry about trying to find me i'll be staying right here just making a few changes!! For now i've changed to a very simple template to keep it clean before i re-launch.

Over last year I realised that what I loved most was writing this blog and planning for blogposts. I would love to do this for the rest of my life and to do that I need to throw myself into this whole heartedly. So over this year I have few plans to help me do this, these include a structured posting schedule, collaborations with other bloggers and starting lifestyle posts along with loads of other things I'm going to keep secret! :P With all of that I began to think about what I want my blog to be and how I want it to look, right now it is pretty far from how i'm imagining! Hopefully though, in a few days it will be looking just how I want it!

I wouldn't be able to be doing this without the help of my wonderful friend Jen who is quite the wiz when it comes to all the coding side of stuff (i'm pretty useless)! You should all go over to her blog, say hi, follow, all that good stuff!! Click here!!

Hope your all having a good 2014 so far and i'll see you when I launch my new blog!


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